Rear Entry Sex Positions

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Rear entry (doggy style)

It's very animalistic, isn't it? And that's probably what makes it so exciting for so many couples - it resonates with very deep instinctual genetic urges to mate swiftly and fiercely.

And it tends to make a man come with great intensity, since the sight of his penis thrusting in and out of his mate's body and the feel of her bottom backed into his crotch are just too arousing for him to control himself for very long.

Obviously, therefore, this is not the best position in the world for the man who wants to carry on for longer when making love!

There are many ways a couple can enjoy this sexual position. She can kneel with her head up or down, with her hips raised high or kept low down.

This will alter the angle at which the guy's penis enters her vagina and change how much sensation and pressure they both feel.

She can move in any way she chooses to get greater vaginal stimulation and pleasure. She can move to meet her mate's thrusts or she can passively receive his thrusts.

The guy can reach around her and fondle her breasts or clitoris. He can embrace her completely or lean back and watch as he thrusts in and out of her. As a result this is a wonderful position for a man to give a woman an orgasm during sex.

He can play with her anus or grasp her tightly around her hips and pull her back onto his penis.

Or he may remain stationary while she moves back and forward along the shaft of his penis - this is a unique kind of sensation and very exciting for the couple as it once again reverses the roles of sex - the woman becoming dominant and in charge while the guy is stimulated by her posture and sexual movements.

To gain greater intimacy in this arousing sex position, a couple can place a mirror in front of themselves and watch each other's facial expressions and make eye contact as they enjoy sex.

Men often slip out of the vagina when a couple make love in this position. This is not about his penis size - it's much more about learning the movements that keep the couple together and moving in harmony. A little bit of practice may be needed, but the end results can be well worthwhile!

The rear entry position described - basic rear entry

The woman may lie down or kneel on all fours, while her mate presses his penis into her vagina.

Sometimes it can be tricky for the couple to orientate themselves correctly, so she may need to adjust the angle and height of her hips to allow him in easily. Using cushions to raise her knees or having him stand behind her while she kneels on the edge of the bed can be helpful.

Once he is inside her, he can either lean forward to embrace her or kneel behind her as he chooses - the photographs show various postures the couple can adopt.

P6103603.jpg (72350 bytes)

Variations on the basic rear entry

The man standing

Most men find this very arousing and exciting. It suggest the wild animalistic nature of sex from which we are all descended: to put it bluntly, it is as if the woman is presenting herself to be fucked.


The woman lies on the bed with the man on top of her

A couple can experiment with rear entry to find the positions and postures that provide them with the greatest pleasure. A nice variation is when the woman lies down on the bed and the man enters her from behind, though some couples may find it easier to get into this one by starting from the more conventional kneeling rear entry and then lowering themselves into this one.

If the guy has his legs outside hers, it can feel very satisfying at a deep level for him - something about pinning her down while mating takes place, I imagine.

And although we tend to forget this, it is often good for a man (and for a couple) to have a simple, straightforward fuck from time to time rather than feeling they have to make tender, passionate love each and every time they get it together. This can be a good position for the simple fuck.

BTW, If you're wondering how to get into any of these sex positions, I have to say that this is one good reason to watch internet porn.

I know it's a problem, with many men becoming addicted to pornography, but if you can watch it without giving way to addiction or over-use, internet porn can show you a lot of techniques which you can incorporate into your own sex life.

P7144183.jpg (50302 bytes)

Rear entry - sitting

Although it isn't, I suppose, strictly rear entry, a woman can sit on the man's lap, either facing towards each other or away from each other.

This is a nice restful position that can be tender and loving or more forceful as the couple wish. It's fun to try out from time to time but it can be a strain on the legs!

P7144325.jpg (40967 bytes)

Side by side


The side by side position shown in the first photo above is wonderful for lovemaking in a gentle relaxed way.

It's often easiest to start in the missionary position and then roll over onto your sides, since getting into her vagina can be tricky if you begin from a side by side position.

Once a couple are in this position though, the guy is very likely to keep his erection but not to come quickly, which makes it a very helpful position for guys who have a tendency to premature ejaculation.

His ability to thrust is very limited, which means he can probably last for a greater time in bed - a new experience for many men!

Both the man and the woman are able to reach each other's chest, bottom and upper body, legs and face. They can kiss mouth to mouth, and he can kiss and nibble her breasts and nipples.

They can look into each other's eyes, and feel warm and loving. All in all, it's a cozy, warm sex position, if not one of the most physically stimulating.

The so-called spoons position in the second photograph is a good way to add an element of fun as you make love. It isn't the most stimulating position physically, but it can be exciting for a man to watch himself taking his partner from behind, and it can be good for her if she gets G spot stimulation.

However, it may be difficult for guys with a small penis or a hard upright erection. It's also nice to lie together after orgasm in this position as the man can embrace his partner from behind. 

By moving slightly, as the couple above have done in the third photo, you can introduce any number of variations on a theme.

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Other sexual positions

Sex is about fun as well as passion and love. So here are some variations which you may want to try out to see how you enjoy them. They are not just for the fit and flexible, although the more energetic ones don't come with a recommendation if you have a bad back! Have fun!

Rear entry sex - a treat for him, but a challenge for her?

If you aren't sure what rear entry sex is, this picture sums it all up. It's normal vaginal intercourse where the man enters his partner from behind. It's not like anal sex, which is sex where the man penetrates his partner's anus rather than her vagina.

rear entry sex positions

What are your best sex positions? If you're a man, you may well say "rear entry". It's really a matter of taste - you either like rear entry sex or you don't. Some women consider it to be somewhat demeaning; others don't like it because they are very exposed to their partner's view.

But many women find it exciting to be so sexually expressive, and revel in the sheer sexuality of the position. Certainly for many men it's an all-time favorite, combining the sight of his partner's buttocks, the ability to thrust hard and deep, and the sheer power of the sex.

After all, the buttocks of both sexes are very arousing and sexy - they are a basic sexual signal, and it can be very arousing to have them so available to see, touch, stroke, squeeze or pat during sex.

Some couples like to engage in firmer stimulation, spanking or slapping each other either gently or more firmly.

Unfortunately, the woman's clitoris tends to be left out of the action in this position; it needs attention from the man or the woman if she is to get full sexual enjoyment.

It's not true that rear entry sex positions mean a woman has to be passive and the man dominant. Indeed, a woman can take a very active part in a couple's lovemaking.

She can thrust her hips back and forth so her vagina glides along her man's penile shaft, or she can meet his rhythm as he thrusts. Alternatively he can stand still while she thrusts!

For a woman who has confidence and high sexual energy, sex in the rear entry position can be a good way to express her sexual power.

The great thing about rear entry sex is that it offers many slight variations of position, all of which change the angle of the penis in the vagina, and thereby produce almost endless variations of sensation for both partners.

That's especially true for the woman, whose G-spot may be stimulated strongly when her man thrusts into her vagina from behind.

A lot depends on the curve and angle of his penis, but even men with a smaller penis will find that they stand a greater chance of giving their partner powerful stimulation in this sex position.

Having said that, of course it can also be the case that a woman's G-spot receives too much friction from her partner's penis in this position - a little more lubrication may help if that's the case, or more gentle thrusting, or a slight change in the angle of entry.

It's often said that rear entry sex positions are good for a woman who's potentially orgasmic during intercourse, because her man's penis can stimulate her G-spot very effectively.

But many men are so excited that they ejaculate too quickly - long before their partner has any chance of enjoying the experience to the full.

So, if you're a man, and your capacity to prevent premature ejaculation isn't quite as good as it might be, you can slow down your pelvic thrusts as you approach the point of no return (that's the point where you know you're going to ejaculate and nothing will stop you doing so) until your arousal has dropped somewhat.

You can even withdraw to "cool off" if a pause in your lovemaking helps you last longer.

Here are some possible variations of the basic rear entry sexual position.

rear entry sex positions

rear entry sex positions  

rear entry sex

rear entry sex positions

rear entry sex positions

rear entry sex positions

rear entry sex positions

rear entry sex