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Rear entry sex positions in pictures

Ah yes. Even if you're into the more primal side of sex, this position may offer too much stimulation, too much pressure, too much chance to thrust, and so produce a quick ejaculation! But it does give a man a realistic chance of making the woman orgasm... it just hits her G spot so much! (Though added clitoral stimulation may be needed. Just reach around, guys....)


  • Deep penetration and G-spot thrills galore
  • Gives you the chance to make a girl orgasm during lovemaking
  • Very exciting for the man
  • Allows the woman to feel lustful and unrestrained
  • Very exciting and "naughty" if you usually use man on top
  • Gives the man the chance to feel powerful and in control
  • A real turn-on for both partners if it "rocks your boat"
  • Plenty of chance for trying new thrusting styles


  • You may have to adjust her height to enable easy penetration
  • Some women love it and others hate it
  • Can allow a woman to feel "taken"
  • The woman can show her sexual power
  • She may thrust along his shaft as he remains stationary
  • Very exciting and a good chance of orgasm for her - if he can keep going long enough!

One of the exciting things about this position is that it gives a woman the chance to show off her sexual lustfulness. She can kneel in the classic position for rear entry: with her bum in the air and her head downwards, or she can raise her chest to alter the angle of her vagina, thereby opening up a whole world of possibilities for sensation while her man thrusts.

If you're a man who particularly likes the sense of control that this position can give you during sex, then you're in your element here: you can grasp your partner round her waist, pull her hair, hold her arms behind her back, and generally do anything that looks like it might add a frisson of excitement to sex. (With her consent, of course.)

So yes, it's an animalistic position, by which I mean it's raw and lustful, and it's certainly a powerful stimulus for the man, as he thrusts in between his partner's buttocks.

Obviously this is an evolutionary thing - we evolved to make love in the rear entry position, and it still holds a powerful stimulus for us all.

One of the great things about this position is that it is so exciting: this means that men with ejaculation problems, who normally have difficulty reaching orgasm during sex, may actually be able to achieve orgasm more easily.

And what of the women's pleasure?

While opinion seems to be divided, there's no doubt a heck of a lot of women like this position because it gives them the chance to show off their raw sexual lustful energy.

It is possible of course that some women will feel like a sex object, since there is something about this position allows a man to disconnect from his partner and surrender to the pleasure of fucking for its own sake. (See, I told you it was primal.)

I think the important thing is that if a woman likes this position, she allows herself to enjoy it to the full without inhibition. This may mean, perhaps, only moving into it when sex is well underway and both partners are highly aroused.

So does this sex position have any real advantages apart from the fact it's very exciting?

Yes, I think it does. The sheer sexual power of the position allows a couple to connect very intimately. Sharing an experience like this can be a powerful bonding experience - just because it's so special.

It gives the man the opportunity to make many different kinds of thrusts, both deep and shallow, pausing on entry or withdrawal before the next thrust, controlling what he does in a way that perhaps he cannot in another sex positions.

It's also possible of course tend to reach round and fondle her breasts and clitoris, and to hold his body close against hers, or to lean back and enjoy the sight of himself penetrating his partner.

Meanwhile, the woman can either be a passive partner, accepting her man's thrusts, or she can join in vigorously, thrusting backwards and forwards as she sees fit.

One of the problems with this sex position is that the man may slip out as the woman thrusts -- in which case it's a good idea to get a rhythm going before you get into the vigorous sex.

If the woman is moving her hips as well, it may take a couple a few minutes to become familiar with the routine that they both need to use to move together in harmony.

The rear entry sex position described

Obviously the woman will either be lying on her stomach or kneeling, in such a way that the man has access to her vagina. He can either stand with his legs apart or his legs together, with his back arched or straight. You can see some of the more common variations in the pictures immediately below.

Obviously the man can also thrust either quickly or slowly, what's special about this position is the deep thrusting is very easy, and the man will stimulate the upper wall of the vagina, where the G spot is located.

If this tends to make a man come quickly, they may be useful to end the session of sex in this position after the woman has already had an orgasm.



The man standing

A very arousing and powerful sex position - high in the top ten favorite positions for almost all men.

The woman lies on the bed

Again, as you can see below, you can discover variations to add a whole new dimension to the sexual experience. It's certainly a good one for a quick fuck - especially when he has easy access to her vagina - as when she uses a pillow to raise her hips off the bed.

Rear entry - sitting

This can be both exciting and restful, with woman lowering herself onto the man as she faces away from him. It's a restful position that doesn't require much energy expenditure, and it's good for disabled people who may want a relaxing way to make love.

But in any event, it's worth experimenting with for all couples, simply because once again it gives a different angle of penetration, and a different sensation was thrusting.

Since all couples have different anatomy, in a way the more sex positions you can try, the more likely you are to find a position that is highly enjoyable for you.

Certainly rear entry sex positions offer more opportunity for experimentation than most.

A man's viewpoint

How can either gender ever understand the other's thoughts and feelings about sex? As a man you can well imagine that I have some strong opinions about rear entry sex. No wonder men like it: as a woman, male sex drive may be a mystery to you, what you certainly know is that men want sex a lot, and they like women's backsides.

Put the two together and you have a powerful combination!

I've often wondered if one of the things that causes women to call rear entry sex "dirty" is the fact that they know it arouses men's sex drive so powerfully, and they are a little bit frightened of this.

The truth is of course that women's sex drive can be just as powerful as men's, and this is one of the positions in which woman can really into that experience and feel it for herself.

So far from being lewd or base, I would encourage all women to step into their sexual power and take it to their man, perhaps by offering him rear entry sex positions unexpectedly in a session of lovemaking.

Actually, one way they can do this is to communicate better. And the programs available which are supposed to help men and women get back together after a break up are aimed at teaching couples how to communicate better - in a way which really helps them understand each other.

The same is true of programs which show men and women how to seduce each other - the so-called pick up artists have produced a lot of material on this subject. Check out this site for more on this subject.

You may well find as a woman that you get more aroused than you ever imagined possible, whether you do or not, it's important to explore the sensations the rear entry sex can give you a man's penis thrusts on your G spot.

This can be a route to orgasm, although unfortunately, as you may have noticed, it often serves as a route to refresh ejaculation for a man as well simply because it's so arousing.

As a man, if you're reading this, you may be thinking "to hell with the BS: I just like it because it's as sexy as hell!"

And of course that's the whole point for men. We tend not to think about the politics of sex, or a motivation for making love, when we're presented with a juicy vagina and a willing woman.

And frankly that's the way it should be; discussions about sexual politics and gender roles can take place outside the bedroom.

Inside the bedroom enjoy yourselves. Remember that sex is important to both members of the couple: the old cliché about women wanting to have sex because they love a man is true, and so is the old cliché about a man getting in touch with his feelings because he's having sex. In this situation, I see sex as a win-win deal for both partners.

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