Sex Positions

A New Guide To Sex Positions And Techniques

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Side by side sex positions


The side by side position shown in the first photo above is wonderful for lovemaking in a gentle relaxed way. It's often easiest to start in the missionary position and then roll over onto your sides, since getting into her vagina can be tricky if you begin from a side by side position.

Once a couple are in this position though, the guy is very likely to keep his erection but not to come quickly, which makes it a very helpful position for guys who have a tendency to premature ejaculation.

His ability to thrust is very limited, which means he can keep going longer.

Both the man and the woman are able to reach each other's chest, bottom and upper body, legs and face.

They can kiss mouth to mouth, and he can kiss and nibble her breasts and nipples.

They can look into each other's eyes, and feel warm and loving. All in all, it's a cozy, warm position, if not one of the most physically stimulating.

The so-called spoons position in the second photograph is a good way to add an element of fun as you make love. It isn't the most stimulating position physically, but it can be exciting for a man to watch himself taking his partner from behind, and it can be good for her if she gets G spot stimulation.

However, it may be difficult for guys with a small penis or a hard upright erection. It's also nice to lie together after orgasm in this position as the man can embrace his partner from behind. 

By moving slightly, as the couple above have done in the third photo, you can introduce any number of variations on a theme.

Other sexual positions - excellent for passion, preventing premature ejaculation, and sheer downright fun!

Sex is about fun as well as passion and love. So here are some variations which you may want to try out to see how you enjoy them. They are not just for the fit and flexible, although the more energetic ones don't come with a recommendation if you have a bad back! Have fun!

Squatting, sitting or standing sex, with the woman in the man's lap

The Kama Sutra called this new sex position Shakti's dance. It can be used for fast and furious sex, or slow and meditative sex, equally well.

Basically, if the man squats, the woman climbs into his lap and inserts his penis into her vagina as she does so; if they are standing, she clasps him around the waist with her legs and around his neck with her arms, and rides him as he carries her weight.

(This can be very nasty if she slips, bending his penis as she falls, so make sure you're both strong enough to keep going if you do try it.)

And if you do get tired, it is possible to lower the woman's bottom onto a suitable piece of furniture - a table or chair, perhaps, while the man remains standing and thrusts into her.

It's usually thought of as a loving, connected sex position in which to enjoy sex. And it's easy on both of you - no heavy bodyweight to support, no pressure or squashing as one of you lies on top of the other.

Sex at it's finest? Well, maybe yes, maybe no.

There's not much room for thrusting, so if you want a heavy duty session of rumpy-pumpy, this may not be first choice. On the other hand, you can gaze deeply into each others' eyes while you caress and kiss, which makes sex feel more connected.

And, come to think of it, I did have one of my finest orgasms in this position: that glorious moment of "Oh God, I'm going to come" seemed to go on for ever - and it was much more intense, too - and when I finally did ejaculate, it was incredibly powerful and satisfying.

The secret to this is probably in the long build up to ejaculation which side-by-side sex produces: for the longer the prelude to sex, the more intense the orgasm, and this position can certainly be very long-lasting (premature ejaculators take note!).

The most well known form of the side-by-side position is facing each other - you start in the missionary and roll over. Easy. As long as you both roll the same direction.

The most common variation is the "spoons", where you both face the same way and the man enters his partner from behind. Not so easy, unless you have a larger penis, for you may well find you're quite likely to slip out. Still, there's no such thing as bad sex.

This is a slow, romantic lovemaking position. You can be facing each other or facing the same way, chest to back, with the man behind the woman. The best thing about side by side sex is that men can last much longer this way as there is much less pressure on the penis.

Penetration is not as deep in this sex position, so it is much more comfortable for women whose men have larger cocks, especially when the man enters from behind.

When you're making love face to face, kissing and hugging are not only possible, but essential!

It's also a great sex position for when the man is much taller than the woman. And, best of all, it allows a man to control any tendency he has to premature ejaculation.

Side by side sex is the best position for falling asleep in each others' arms after sex.

Advice for women: Have the man stimulate your clitoris. Tighten your thighs to increase friction and speed things up. If you are pregnant, try side by side sex from behind. This allows support for the abdomen and he can play with your breasts.

Advice for men: enjoy the opportunity to stimulate your partner's clitoris and work towards simultaneous orgasm.

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