Your New Sex Position Is.....

Man on top sex - with a load of sexual techniques that offer more fun!

What is man on top sex, really? We think it's something safe, emotionally connected, familiar and well-known, but also something that can provide almost unlimited variations on an old theme - almost like having a load of new sexual techniques which add a dash of passion to your sex life, making it a bit hotter, a bit more passionate. in short, these sexual techniques give you the chance to experiment AND still enjoy the male / female sexual roles you know and love....

But one thing always stays the same: there's plenty of emotional connection and a romantic feel to this old favorite. That's why we say that man on top is one of the new sexual techniques for romance. After all, there are plenty of other exciting sexual techniques you can use when you're in the mood for a bit more raunchiness!

Nothing beats the intimacy of man on top sex - especially when you adapt it so it gives you both the greatest pleasure possible....and here's how you can do that. I have to say, however, that for many women, the intimacy and exposure of man on top can be challenging - especially if they have a body which is a bit plump.

man on top sex positions man on top sex positions man on top sex positions

man on top sex positions man on top sex positions

When Kinsey did his pioneering work on human sexuality in the 1950s he discovered many Americans had never enjoyed intercourse in any sexual position other than the man on top! This emphasizes how man on top positions were the acceptable face of sex for previous generations - the way respectable men and women (i.e. married couples) had sex!

But don't let this fuddy-duddy image put you off.....for man on top position is one of the new sexual techniques for both men and women. Sure, there may be times when you want a rip-roaring session of raunchy bedroom fun (think rear entry here), but for the average love-in, man on top sex is the way to go.

It's an easy lovemaking position to use, and it suits almost everyone. The new position is to start by having the woman lying on her back with her legs apart and knees bent.

This way, if you're the man, and you have any trouble getting your penis into her vagina, she can put a hand down and help guide you in - a much better solution than poking at her vulva in the hope that you might find her opening, a level of incompetence and naivety which most women hate!

If you hold yourself up on one arm and both knees, you can caress much of her body - this is illustrated on other pages (see the menu below).

Adding spice to the man on top sex position is all about knowing how to adapt it for your greatest pleasure.

Man on top sex is - despite the tendency for the man to come quickly, because he can make such deep thrusts - one of the new sexual techniques for the woman to reach orgasm.

 In fact, if a woman is near orgasm before the man penetrates her, it's actually possible for him to enter her and take her over the edge into her climax with the power of his desire and the sexual energy of his thrusts.

And since his most sexual body parts are in such close contact with hers - for example, his cock is inside her, and his scrotum slaps sexily against her perineum and anus with each thrust of his hips - he can feel every bit of her sexual energy in this sex position.

That means his arousal feeds hers, and vice versa: if she's about to make her orgasm when he enters her, the sensation of her vagina tightening around his erect cock as she begins to come can take them both into the most glorious climax imaginable.

This is the true blending of love and sex - the ultimate experience which so many lovers crave!

As a variation of the position, try bringing her legs back and up, or altering the position of her knees - or even having one leg raised while leaving the other on the bed, knee bent.

A cushion under her pelvis will alter the sensations for both partners because it changes the angle of penetration - this will produce delightful pressure on spots that may not have been getting much stimulation before.

The adjustments are new if you have the woman bring her knees up and back - this also leads to deeper penetration.

If a woman hasn't experienced much in the way of deep penetration so far during her love life, then this is one of the new sexual techniques for deep penetration.

But take it slowly....the vagina is usually not more than five, at most six, inches long and it's very easy indeed for a penis of even average length to hit her cervix during lovemaking. This can be painful.

Admittedly,  during states of high arousal, the cervix moves upwards to allow thrusting to take place underneath it, with the erect penis heading into the back of the vagina, but even so, care is advisable. Some women find cervix butting an unpleasant and uncomfortable experience.

And while most women find they can tolerate more pressure on the cervix the more aroused they are, this is by no means certain, so a man should always take care during the early stages of sex and rein in his wilder thrusting instincts! For a small minority of women, thrusting against the cervix during state of high sexual arousal can lead to a very powerful orgasm.

You can see from the pictures above that man on top positions are the new sexual techniques to practice the art of kissing!

With soft kisses, passionate kisses, or tongue in mouth kisses, the partners can stimulate passion, show their love for each other, communicate the intensity of their desire, and add yet more to the exciting stimulation that man on top sex can offer.

The gentle probing of tongue in mouth will get harder as sex proceeds and the couple are overtaken by desire - partly because there's an obvious parallel between the penetration of tongue into mouth and penis into vagina.

But kissing doesn't have to be limited to the partner's mouth: even though the man's access to her body is somewhat limited in this position, he can still kiss her neck, head, shoulders and breasts if he raises himself up on his arms.

Kissing in man on top sex is about provoking sensuous responses from your partner, about knowing how to please a woman in bed, and raising the level of sensuality, passion and sexual excitement - and perhaps even taking you both to a simultaneous orgasm.

Man on top sexual techniques are great for conveying tender warmth and love to your partner while making love in a way that shows each other how sexy and erotic you are, capable of turning each other on, yet at the same time taking your own pleasure to the full.

And for women who want to feel dominated, perhaps even "taken" by their man, this is a great way to express the fully feminine side of their personality: being dominated by your lover in some variation of the man on top position doesn't mean being passive sexually!

A woman still has the chance to move, to respond to her lover's hips thrusts by making pelvic thrusts of her own, to speed up her man's climax by moving faster, and to add extra pleasure for both of them by trying that most exquisite sexual move of all - the pelvic squeeze, whereby she grips his penis as he pushes inside her, tightening her vaginal muscles around him as he sinks into her.

That's a route to sheer ecstasy! So maybe man on top variations are the new sexual techniques for the woman to give thrilling pleasure to her man.

For women who are inhibited about showing their naked body, the man on top sex posture does have certain obvious advantages! When the couple are in a close embrace, they have all the intimacy of full body contact, but her body is not exposed to his gaze -- it just feels good to have him pressed against her.

And that's another way to start sex - just snuggle together, not necessarily even kissing. You can let your energy flow together as you snuggle, bringing a feeling of intimacy and closeness which can get him erect and her lubricated - perfect preparation for the sex to follow.

 Moving into the man on top posture allows him to continue making love in the new way: he can see her body - at least until he plunges deep into her and brings his body down closer onto hers - and he can kiss, fondle and express the full extent of his masculine power as he pushes deeper into her moist welcome.

If he wants to make sure she keeps up with him as he speeds towards his climax, the man can slip his hand between himself and his partner and feel for his partner's clitoris to give her some extra stimulation; to employ this new sexual technique a man may have to shift his body slightly to one side to do this, so that he can fully reach her sensitive spot.

 If you're a man who wants to try this, remember it's new to use your thumb, with your palm facing downwards, and make short strokes at the same speed and rhythm as your thrusts. And, as always, remember that you don't want to over-stimulate her clitoris, since it will lose all sensation - take it gently, with firmer pressure as she nears orgasm.

The new way to ensure that your massage of her clitoral area is successful - that is, it raises her arousal rather than acts as a dampener on proceedings - is to ensure that you have enough lubrication: either her natural moisture, or saliva, or some artificial lube, is fine.

You might also want to avoid direct touch on the clitoris to start with, caressing up and down the side of the clitoral shaft before moving nearer the clitoris itself as she becomes more aroused.

And to give her another thrill, you might also want to stimulate her breasts by caressing and stroking them as you plunge into her inviting warmth and wetness.

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