Your New Sex Position

Woman On Top!

If you want to try a little role reversal, where the woman gets the chance to be dominant, assertive, and take control - not to mention having the chance to get the stimulation she needs to reach orgasm - then the new sex position is woman on top. You'll never be stick for a new position, either, because when the woman's on top there are so many new variations you can try, all of which offer their own pleasure. For example:

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Well now, woman on top sex! Men, what's to be said about this position for lovemaking? The thrill of having her ride you for a change? The excitement of feeling her weight on top of you, your erect penis totally enclosed by her vagina, her breasts bobbing up and down as she controls the rhythm and speed of sex?

Could this be the new sex positions ever?

Or is it the fact that you don't have to do anything except lie back and enjoy it? Ahhhh...and there's the problem, perhaps.

You don't like to give up control during lovemaking? You feel that, as a man, any new sexual position which means you have to relinquish dominance affects what you see as your responsibility to satisfy your partner? That her sexual pleasure somehow depends on you knowing how to make a woman orgasm?

Well, here's the thing: woman on top sex positions offer the man something new - sex in a position where he really does have the opportunity to lay back and enjoy it. Far from feeling you have to take charge and fulfill your partner's deepest desires, this new sex position allows you to relinquish control, to give up the belief that the man has to lead and initiate during sex - at least every so often.

For men who are performance oriented, this can be very challenging. Indeed, for men in general, giving up control during sex can be very difficult indeed. After all - aren't the new sex positions the ones which allow you to express your power?

Problem is, while that can be very satisfying, men don't like giving up their power. And that, oddly enough, is why it's such a good thing to do......the potential benefits might include a more relaxed attitude to sex, a greater sense of equality and intimacy with your partner and, frankly, a frisson of a thrill when you experience your woman leading you on a sensual journey.

But in a way that's not the point of enjoying sexual positions where the woman gets on top. Sure, as far as the psychology of the position is concerned, it's all about the impact of changing roles; and that's a great way to get more pleasure.

Besides which, if you allow her to control the pace of sex, pausing when you are near ejaculation, this can be a good way to develop the skill of avoiding premature ejaculation - always an advantage for gaining greater sexual pleasure and a more powerful orgasm when it finally happens.

But as far as the physical aspects of it are concerned, woman on top offers some of the new sex positions for physical pleasure, always provided that the angle of your erection and the angle of her vagina are well-matched.

And even if they aren't, you can always have the woman change the angle at which she's lying on you, so you get a better fit. You can see how that might be done in some of the pictures above.

So this is a group of sexual positions which will allow the woman the chance of playing the tantalizing tease for her man; she can control how much she allows him to penetrate her, only permitting him to gain access to her "Jade Garden" when she chooses; she can stop him thrusting his hips, making him lie still and surrender to her will; and as she does all these things, she can slide her vagina slowly up and down his penile shaft to drive him wild with desire during their lovemaking.

Such seduction will arouse his passion and increase his desire, making him burn with passion. This will help him ejaculate if he has a problem with slow ejaculation. And when she finally allows him in, the woman on top position allows her to control the angle of penetration so finely that she can get exactly the stimulation of her G spot that she desires. And even more thrilling - her clitoris is open to play with her own hand - or his!

And, unlike having the man on top, these sex positions allow you both to alter your orientation without the man having to withdraw from his partner - you can see how the female partner in the pictures above can easily lie further forward or backwards, thereby giving them both extra pleasure.

And because in most couples the man is bigger than the woman, it's possible for the woman to lie full length on top of her partner without any discomfort for either of them.

And now she can either open or close her legs to increase and decrease the tightness of her vagina; that is the new sex position for giving herself more pleasure or slowing the man down as he approaches climax.

 How she tightens her vagina will produce more or less friction on his manhood, making him more or less quickly. And he can contribute to the different sensations for both partners by altering the angle of his knees, raising his pelvis, guiding her hips with his hands, or holding her we could call the whole range of women on top postures "the new sex positions for varying sensation during lovemaking."

And now, just think how exciting it can be when she flexes her hips and rotates her pelvis as she rides him - and think how empowering it is for her to be in charge in this way! Given the right movements, she can provide both of them with serious sexual thrills.

And as she does so, the man can try various movements of his pelvis, varying the tightness of his PC muscles so that he speeds up or slows down his progress towards orgasm. Now, that's empowering female sexuality.

Unfortunately, this isn't one of the new positions for a man who has delayed ejaculation as it may not provide as much stimulation as he needs to reach orgasm easily. (Conversely of course, if you happen to be a man who needs to learn how to last longer in bed, you may find that this is a good one for you as the rhythm and speed of sex can be slowed down or stopped easily by your female partner whenever you get too close to climax.)

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