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How About Trying Some New Sex Positions?

Welcome! We have hundreds of tasteful, explicit photos of couples making love, where you'll find loads of the new sex positions to make your love life even more exciting and passionate!

You can explore loads of sex positions that will let you enjoy passion and excitement, massive orgasms, and wild lovemaking!

Sex is one of the most important things in most couples' lives, and we're determined to help you get better sex by helping you find your new sex positions - the ones that are right for you and your partner!

Better still, all our positions photos are of men and women who are in committed relationships....they posed for hundreds of exciting pictures, showing both familiar and new sex positions.

 Although the images are explicit and show you everything, they're also tasteful, exciting, inspiring, and very suitable for a man and woman to look at together.

man on top sex positions

Woman On Top sex positions

sex positions

Rear Entry (Doggy Style) sex positions

Side by Side sex positions


Standing or Sitting sex positions


Acrobatic and Sextraordinary Positions


Here's What We're About: The New Sex Positions Photos

(And All Done In The New Possible Taste!)

We know lots of people find many of the images of "lovemaking" and sex positions on the internet offensive, so we've set out to make a special place here, one which offers the new selection of tasteful yet totally uninhibited photos of men and women making love in every position possible.

Use these photos to help you become the new lover you can possibly be - a man able to take your partner to sheer orgasmic ecstasy! Both in and out of a long term relationship women have as much desire for sex as men - provided they feel safe and loved. Read more about sex and relationships here.

In fact this site is totally free, and its aim is to show you how to adapt familiar and well-known sex positions into something new.

That way, you'll get more excitement, more passion, more adventure, and lots more fun, out of your lovemaking. In short, we want you to enjoy the new sex positions for you and your sexual partner.


Woman On Top

Sex Positions With The Man On Top

Because our models were real-life lovers, the photos have a genuine, natural feel which makes them especially arousing.

And the models were actually making love when these pictures were taken; often they were so carried away with their sexual arousal that they forgot (or didn't care!) that the cameraman was photographing them!

As a result, we have hundreds of bright, clear, full size photographs full of new ideas for better sex positions that can transform your lovemaking.

Sidebar: Men! Broken up with your ex partner, and it was all a mistake? You want them back? Yes? So what can you do? Text them, maybe. After all, everyone reads an incoming text message. Texts have a fascination for everyone which gives you more power when contacting women who've played a major part in your love life and relationships.

We also describe which sex postures are new for various aspects of sex: for example, the most suitable sex positions to help you stop premature ejaculation and last longer during sex, or the better sex positions to speed up ejaculation for men who have retarded ejaculation.

Whether you're looking for the new sex positions for a more exciting love life, or you want to spice up your love life because it's become a bit repetitive, or even downright boring, we're sure you'd rather get your inspiration and excitement by looking at pictures you know are tasteful and which show sexual relationships between men and women based on equality and not exploitation.

That doesn't mean to say any of this is "vanilla sex". (If you don't know, that's a term used to refer to anything that seems conventional or boring in the world of sexual relationships.)

We firmly believe everybody's sex life can be passionate and exciting without the added stimulation of sex positions such as anal play, BDSM, dressing up, fantasy, and role-play not that there's anything wrong with any of those!

The point we're making is that you can find the new sex positions - the ones with more passion, excitement and sexual thrills - simply by trying a variety of fun new sex positions rather using than the same old few, over and over again.

Of course, successful relationships depend on many things besides sexual excitement, one of them being intimacy and closeness.

We'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions to improve the advice on this website, or if you want to send in any of your own new sex positions tips, tricks, and techniques.

Why? Well, because everyone wants sex, and we all spend a great deal of time trying to get it, so we can fulfil our sexual needs.

Anything which can help increase sexual pleasure, from simple sex positions information all the way through to more advanced sexual positions like Tantra or even the further edges of human sexual behaviour involving BDSM, is worth exploring if it gives you a good sex life and gives you greater sexual fulfilment.

We have the new sex positions pictures available, and our entertaining sex quiz, both of which provide a starting point for better communication about how you each want to make love.

And do remember this isn't just about sharing your preferences for various sex positions, although that's a big part of enjoying a successful relationship, because sexual novelty prevents boredom and increases excitement and passion (and this keeps a relationship together).

The more you communicate your needs and wishes, the better your sex life will be.

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Everything here is copyright. We take legal action against everyone who uses our material without permission.

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