Woman On Top – With A Twist

Woman On Top – With A Twist!

The great thing about woman on top sex is that there are so many new sex position variations, all of which offer their own pleasure. Have a look at what you can do to change woman on top sexual techniques into something different, a little more spicy:

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The new woman on top sexual techniques offer a delightful role reversal: the woman is dominant during sex.

This change from the conventional approach of the much more common – and maybe more popular – man on top positions offers a new counterpoint to male dominance during sex, and allows a couple to turn sex into a fizzing sexual banquet, where both diners can eat and drink to their hearts’ content from the depths of sensual pleasure.

Women can experience the excitement of feeing dominant, leading, initiating; men can take on the role of passive, receptive partners, lying back and allowing their partners to give them pleasure, rather than feeling obliged to pleasure the woman.

And there are other great reasons why the new sexual techniques with the woman on top are so exciting: there are all kinds of new position possibilities which don’t exist in other ways of making love – the woman can control the pace of sex, determine the rhythm of thrusting, and lean into other angles which make sex more sensual for herself and her partner.

She really does have the power in these sexual techniques to find out exactly how to get most pressure on her G spot; alternatively, she can lean forward and rub her clit against her man’s body.

She will be often be able to reach orgasm doing this; and if she reaches orgasm during intercourse, the sparks can really fly for both partners. Some have said this is the new sex position for orgasm during intercourse, and we’re not inclined to doubt it.

It’s often a new experience for a woman to feel the full power of her sexuality, to let go of her inhibitions, and to revel in the amazing power that’s open to her when she allows herself to open up to her feminine energy.

These new sexual techniques let her to show her body to her man, uninhibited, open, sexual; it offers a profound chance of giving and receiving pleasure. 

If you look at the sexual techniques pictures at the top of this and the other woman on top pages (see the index of pages below), you can see how they offer the woman a better position to rub her clit on the man’s body or to stimulate it by hand.

One of the greatest advantages of woman on top sex is that the woman can adjust her posture so that either her G spot or clitoris or both can get the stimulation she wants.

Let’s run through these sexual techniques in turn. First of all, the one we always think of when we talk of having the woman on top during sex: the woman sits on her man with her vulva positioned ready for him to enter her.

She’s almost in a kneeling position, he has his legs inside hers; she can move down to lie prone on top of him or lean backwards if she prefers.

Whichever position she adapts can be suited to the most pleasurable angle of penetration for the couple in question, just by having her lean forward or backward slightly. Mind you, if the man has an erection which sticks hard up against his belly, he won’t be able to enjoy sex in any position where his partner is leaning back too far, as it will bend his penis uncomfortably.

So once again here’s the great thing about woman on top variations – this sex position has the new flexibility!

She really does have so much freedom of movement that she can control the physical sensation she gets: whatever sensation she wants, she can have, simply by finding the new angle, the new position, for her pleasure.

And that’s good for him too, because once she’s able to move freely and she’s sure of getting her pleasure, she can make sure that the orientation of their bodies when they make love is such that there is a perfect match between the angle of his erection and her vagina.

That’s particularly useful for men who have a really hard, inflexible erection which sticks up hard against their bellies (whether they’re standing up or laying down): sometimes sex can be uncomfortable if such a penis is bent downwards, but in this posture, with the woman on top, when she lies close to him, chest to chest, the feeling is absolutely sensational!

Equally, for a man with a more flexible penis, the woman can lean back as far as she chooses, until he has exquisite pressure on the glans of his penis and she has exquisite pressure on the most sensitive part of her vagina.

These ideas may be new to you – but they are new understood with practice!

One word of warning for all the couples trying sex in the woman on top position: if she’s riding a man enthusiastically, in some of the new positions – squatting, or kneeling position facing him – while bouncing up and down on his erection, she needs to be really careful not to go to let his penis emerge from her vagina.

If she doesn’t realize this has happened in time, and comes down hard on it, the result can be a cracked penis — an excruciatingly painful condition, one which you need to avoid at all costs (not least because in later years this injury can lead to Peyronie’s disease).

So temper your sexual enthusiasm with a little caution for although these are among the new sexual techniques you can try, there are dangers!

Even so, enjoy this excellent new sexual position to the full, experiment with all the angles and postures that you’re attracted to, make sure you take advantage of the openness of each other’s bodies to enjoy mutual caressing and stroking, or kissing and cuddling, and get the thrill that woman on top can offer you.

The next pictures illustrate another variation of this same concept, and that’s having the woman leaning forward.

When you’re feeling intimate and loving, this really is a great new sex position. Why is that? Well, you can cuddle, you can kiss, you can enjoy the sensations of your bodies pressed close together, you can fondle each other’s breasts, balls and buttocks.

Also, the man can reach down and play with her clitoris — as indeed can the woman herself — and most of all you can both enjoy the supreme pleasure of that special gradual sense of the man entering his partner.

This is true whether she uses her hand to guide you into her haven or not. And the woman has great flexibility with her legs, she can still move them backwards and forwards in this position as she chooses, so it’s absolutely ideal for her to get the new sensations possible.

If you want some amazing female power (female dominance, female goddess energy, deep penetration, and a very sexy experience with powerful orgasms – plus a real feeling of excitement) then try the exciting thrills of

The reverse woman on top sex position (aka The Reverse Cowgirl!)

And now the woman on top with the woman facing away from the man — an exciting sex position indeed.

It’s called the reverse cowgirl, and if you look at the picture you can quickly understand why: she’s riding her man, but she’s facing the opposite way.

Now, what’s so good about this position? Well, one of the new things about it is that the man gets to see his partner’s ass: most men like the sight of their partner’s body as they make love.

And there’s no better sex position for getting an eyeful of your partner’s ass than in the woman on top “reversed” position (but let’s not forget the advantages of sex in the rear entry position in this regard).

The view of a woman’s buttocks is a powerful stimulus to most men! And, as has been said over and over in the context of sex, men are visual creatures who receive a lot of stimulation from the sight of their partner’s body.

So make the new of the powerful visual stimulus of her parted ass cheeks with your erect penis sliding delicately between them.

There’s no point being inhibited about this: it’s a simple fact of life that sex is fun, and some things make it even better! The more you relish your own sexuality, the more you revel in the sheer delight of your partner’s uninhibited expression of their sexuality, and the more you’ll enjoy your lovemaking.

New sexual techniques will be fun to explore, the new sexual techniques will be even better, and you’ll find there’s nothing more wonderful during lovemaking than being fully absorbed into total arousal, where you can literally abandon your consciousness to your senses, let the urges and experiences of sex overcome you, and surrender control so that every sense is overwhelmed by the stimuli of sight, sound, taste, and touch.

Are we going over the top here when we praise this new sex position so much? Is it really such a good sex position? Well, we think it’s the new! The sight of a woman’s ass cheeks moving rhythmically during lovemaking is a powerful stimulus that most men just can’t resist.

And bear in mind that not only do you have the sight of them, but you actually have the opportunity to hold them as well. Sweet!

For a woman who likes expressing her sexuality, this is a powerful way to do it: most women like the power they have to tease and attract a man. In our view, the feminine power of arousal, the ability to take a man to the heights of sexual desire, knowing how to please a man, is a gift which women are genetically programmed to enjoy.

No wonder that they feel fulfilled when they can express that aspect of their sexuality: it’s sexy; in fact it’s damn sexy! And this dynamic of seduction and teasing and arousal is one of the new aspects of sex for some couples: it’s certainly something that both men and women can enjoy.

What’s more, facing away from her man like this allows the woman to exercise even more options during sex: of course, once again, the principle is still the same — the more she leans backwards or forwards, the more the couple experience different sensations.

And since every couple is different when it comes to lovemaking, you’ll just have to experiment to find out what turns you on the most. Shame! Find Your New Sex Position by trying them out….how delightful is that!?

Joking aside though, this sex posture provides another affirmation of how the woman can actually be in a dominant sex position during woman on top lovemaking.

She’s in control of the timing, she’s in control of the rhythm, she’s in control of the timing of penetration, and perhaps new of all for her, she’s in charge of the depth of penetration.

This is the new sex position for teasing her man to the full. She can ride him hard and fast, she can ride him slow, slow, slow, and tease him to the edge of his tolerance, before riding him to a glorious climax that will have him shouting with delight.

If she’s a skillful lover, she can combine her own pleasure, either manually stimulating her clitoris, or rubbing her G spot on his hard shaft as he thrusts into her.

In this sexual position the woman can absolutely control how quickly the couple reach their orgasm, bringing herself up to speed to match the man if he’s moving ahead more quickly than she is; pausing her movements with him still inside her glorious warmth and wetness, and stimulating her clitoris to keep herself aroused as she waits for his arousal to decrease before they continue making love.

After such praise, you might be wondering if there any drawbacks to this lovemaking position! And unfortunately there are.

As we’ve already mentioned, a man who has a hard penis that sticks up rigidly erect against his belly may find the reverse cowgirl very uncomfortable, if not downright impossible.

For a couple where the man has this issue, and perhaps also for a couple where the man’s penis is rather small, the conventional woman on top is the new sex position if the woman wants to be dominant.

That’s the position where she faces the man and can lay down with him chest to chest.