Man On Top Positions

Man On Top Sex Positions

New sexual positions New sexual positions

Men: remember, looking at porn on the Internet – and possibly experiencing porn addiction – is no substitute for building a healthy and happy sexual relationship with the woman you love.

Her greatest desire is to be cherished by you, and the interesting thing is that the more you can show her how you love her by seducing and romancing her and by being loving and respectful during sex, the more her sexual desire will increase, and the more aroused and passionate she’ll be when you make love.

Just about everyone has more sex in the man on top position than any other – and everyone can tell you why they enjoy it so much! Even if you like to experiment, man on top is one of the new sex positions, one to which you’ll always return. It’s like coming home to the familiar warm embrace of a lover: a lover who knows every nook and cranny of your body and wants to explore it in comfort as you lie together.

And man on top sex lets us express some fundamental things about who we are: men can be dominant, can take the leading role, can be the active participant in the sex act, the penetrator, the taker of the woman; women can be the adored recipient of the man’s sexual attention, his love and his capacity to “take” his partner.

Moreover, when a man has trouble ejaculating during sex or masturbation he’ll probably find some ideas on which sex positions can help you ejaculate him come more quickly on this website. And that’s great, because, after all, a man is supposed to pleasure a woman.

Now, don’t misunderstand us. That isn’t meant to define sex roles in today’s society! But for many people there is something deeply fulfilling in playing out the positions and roles of dominant and subordinate, active and passive, penetrator and penetrated, roles for which the man on top sex position and all its variations are new suited.

This is a very loving sex position, too. Men, who often become more aware of their feelings of love towards their partner during sex, are most likely to experience a sense of being bonded with her in man on top sex. Other sex positions, such as rear entry, are just too sexually arousing for a man to feel tender and loving in this way, and woman on top positions, while exciting for both partners, are not the new sexual techniques for a good chance of deep emotional connection.

But in the man on top position, the male partner can easily feel his love for his partner and celebrate the joy of the gift she gives him – the gift of her Yoni, the privilege of entering her treasured secret garden, the essence of her femininity. By trying all the variations of man on top, you can work out which is the new sex position for a couple who are endowed differently in the relative size of their genitals, and so you can seek and obtain the greatest sexual pleasure from your partner.

Women too, adore the closeness, the snuggling-togetherness of sex in the man on top position. Or at least they do when the couple are lying close together in contact, for man on top sex is almost infinitely variable, and the couple can find many ways of moving position to better the physical pleasure of sex. 

The two basic man on top positions are something like the ones you can see in the pictures here:

New sexual positions New sexual positions

That’s “basic” in this sense: the couple lie full length; he is on top and has his legs outside hers in one picture; she has her legs outside his in the other picture.

What makes that one of the new positions for both partners is that it allows her to offer him a tighter or looser vagina – as she brings her legs together, it tightens up, and she can then give him intense pleasure as she grips his penis in her tender flesh. Such tightness in her vagina is heavenly for her man. T

his site has lots of advice on how women can maximize pleasure for themselves and their men by using vaginal muscles to provide tightness during sexual intercourse. Of course, such tightness may make a man ejaculate quickly! And if you already experience premature ejaculation, this may not be very helpful! (See lower down the page for some suggestions on how to last longer in bed.)

Kegel Exercises

Prolonged intercourse without emission has been a contraceptive method in use long before modern devices were evolved. It is better, however, to regard it, with or without ejaculation, as one of many ways of making love. Whether the act of intercourse is long or short, they each ought to use every facility with which Nature has endowed them for increasing each other’s pleasure.

One invaluable measure for the woman is contraction of the group of muscles composing the outer surface of the pelvic floor which are attached to the vagina.

Most women do not know these muscles exist or, of they have heard of them, are unable to use them purposefully. These are magic muscles, designed especially for increasing sexual pleasure. Throughout history women practised in the art of love, from Delilah to Cleopatra to the successful siren of to-day, have been schooled in the use of this special allure.

When a wife’s excitement in intercourse is mounting, intentional contraction of one group of these muscles will help her husband to maintain his full erection and delay ejaculation for quite a while, until she is ready to enjoy orgasm with him. If he reaches his climax first she can contract another set of these pelvic muscles which can grasp the base of the penis. This will preserve his erection even after ejaculation until she also can attain her climax.

These magic muscles are semi-volutary. This means that they are like those employed for bladder or bowel control, and the use of them is an acquired reflex, such as a child establishes over elimination through early training. The operation of these muscles for sexual pleasure is also an acquired function which can be developed during adult life.

Actually, medical knowledge about these muscles is relatively recent and it is not surprising that only a few women realise that they have them. Since the discovery of their significance, doctors have found out that these muscles are often related to a woman’s ability to enjoy her sexual life.

They have observed that when the muscles are well developed, sexual complaints are few. But when her muscles are relaxed and weak a woman may be indifferent to intercourse or even dislike it. Her unsatisfactory sex life may well be the result of poor muscle tone instead of emotional maladjustment.

These pelvic muscles are naturally lax and feeble until they are systematically exercised. Any woman knows how to contract the strong sphincter muscle that controls her anus, the outlet of the bowel, although she does not always realise that this helps in intercourse.

She usually also knows instinctively how to employ those connected with the middle portion of her vagina and how to contract them when she wants to use them during sexual activity. But the exercise of each group separately is a skill which has to be learned.

Most women can get along without this art and still enjoy their sex relations thoroughly. But the woman whose husband cannot often delay ejaculation until she reaches her orgasm or who herself is constitutionally slow in attaining her climax ought to consult a gynaecologist and learn how to put these muscles to work.

The wife who no longer welcomes marital encounters after childbirth ought to realise that these muscles may have lost tone during pregnancy and parturition. Not infrequently a young mother begins to suffer painful intercourse and even tends automatically to contract her vaginal muscles to prevent penetration as a defence against it after the baby is born.

Her husband then complains that she does not love him any more and has transferred all her affection to their child. She needs exercise to strengthen her musculature and save her marriage.

It takes a while to get these muscles strong enough for efficient operation, but not too long—approximately from two to twelve weeks of conscientious internal gymnastics. Any woman of any age can benefit from such exercise. There’s  a special device which they sometimes employ for strengthening and training these muscles.

But it’s not just about his satisfaction – of course not. Women also delight in the anticipation of penetration, savoring the seduction and the wooing, the gentle caressing and the cuddles, loving the journey of sexual arousal which culminates when their vagina is awaiting the moment of penetration with juicy eagerness.

At this stage of sex, a woman’s desire to be penetrated can be almost overwhelming, matching in intensity his desire to take her and thrust deep into her body. Such anticipation represents one of the new moments of sex for many couples. And they can kiss as they make love, which adds to the romance of these variations, overall probably our new sexual techniques.

He may need her help to find her vaginal opening, or his penis may be guided straight to its target by her juicy labia. If he needs help to get in, he should not be shy of asking for it – it’s better to have good communication and share what is happening than to fumble mutely in embarrassment as you try to get into the new position. 

And because the couple face each other, they can kiss and murmur sweet words to each other as he enters her and while he thrusts. If he takes it gently at first, making small thrusts into the first two inches or so of her vagina, positioning himself on his arms and legs so that his penis hits the sensitive bits of her vagina, he can drive her wild with desire.

The pace of sex will then tend to speed up, and if you like powerful and deep thrusting, you’ll both naturally move into a position which allows the deepest thrusts.

But thrusting is not limited to the man – the woman can move her hips as well, and in doing so will increase both her own excitement and that of her partner. This is again where the man on top position can be one of the new sex positions for sexual satisfaction.

And there’s the rub. No matter which of these positions you adopt, man on top sex can be just too exciting for a man to control his ejaculation. We’d all like to have perfect control of the timing of our orgasm, but even among men who generally have pretty good control, the intense excitement and deep pelvic thrusts possible in man on top sexual techniques can make us rush towards orgasm.

The only exception will be men with delayed ejaculation. These men cannot easily ejaculate during sex. Tricky to solve? Well, maybe, but you can solve slow ejaculation problems with the right help. This is a condition in hich men are unable to ejaculate easily – or indeed at all – during sex or masturbation, and which generally originates in emotional or psychological issues related to the man’s attitude to sex and relationships.

Delayed Ejaculation

Since orgasm is the ultimate objective, love-play tends to move ever nearer to the genital zone and is most likely to succeed in ensuring rising passion. The actual touching of the genitals must be approached with care. There are some who enjoy a firm touch, others, a gentle one.

A man’s testicles are exceedingly sensitive and plea e must he exercised. The woman who would much pleasure as she can should begin by touching lightly and with the tips of the fingers.

There is a certain risk in this type of stimulation, and it should only be used when a woman knows her part well and so is perfectly assured that an overture of this kind will not be repelled.

Many a man, ready himself to take the lead in love, is shocked by what he regards as the forwardness of a woman who attempts genital stimulation. However, the natural intuitive sense of most women should be sufficient to enable them to judge correctly.

Both sexes are often greatly aroused when the genital parts are touched at the same time as other erogenous zones.

Thus, a woman who feels the man she loves touching her genitals, or the inside of the thighs, and at the same time is having her breasts fondled or kissed finds her pleasure much intensified.

Generally speaking, actual local stimulation is much more necessary to women if they are to experience orgasm. Unless the man is tired, or lacking in virility, it will not usually be necessary for the woman to apply penile stimulation, save perhaps as an added sensation which will ensure variety.

But it is generally essential that the an should apply vaginal stimulation, at any rate until the woman has become erotically experienced. For the overwhelming majority of women the most sensitive part in the early stages of sexual embrace is the clitoris.

Many do not realize this, far fewer act upon it, with the result that most women are rarely fully prepared for actual congress.

Some never experience genuine, full, orgasm without special care when other forms of love-play have aroused some measure of feeling. in any erotic play executed with delicate reverence and consideration – and, above all, when the lovers have not become quite accustomed and attuned to each other – a considerable amount of time should be given to kisses and caresses, before the genitals are touched.

Now, never was this more true that when delayed ejaculation comes into play in the man’s sexual life. His difficulty reaching orgasm can be overcome by applying more sexual stimulation – longer foreplay, nipple stimulation, anal stimulation, testicular play and oral pleasuring.

If you want to know how men can sexually empower themselves this may be very helpful. It gives you all kinds of hints, tips, and tricks about how to stop yourself ejaculating too soon.

You both need to have self-discipline to make sex last – you need to intersperse deep thrusts with shallow ones, and the man needs to pay attention to his partner’s level of arousal so that she does not get left behind as he moves rapidly to orgasm. If he is moving too fast, the couple can slow down or stop and lie still for a while to let his arousal drop. 

And that may be a good time to stimulate her clit – for few women can come in the man on position if they don’t have clitoral stimulation.

The Kama Sutra advises that a man should have enough self-control to prevent him coming before his partner has achieved satisfaction, but there are few men who can achieve this level of self-control.

You may find that if you can hold on for long enough, and play your penis against her G-spot for long enough, that she gets intensely aroused and moves into orgasmic bliss, but most women will need clitoral stimulation to get to orgasm during man on top sex (even though it’s one of the new sex positions for orgasm during intercourse).

This is a very good position for making love during pregnancy, which is both exciting for the man and restful for the woman. It’s a variation of man on top sex. Click for a better image.

a good position for sex during pregnancy

So once you’ve got the hang of thrusting for longer periods without ejaculating, and possibly stimulating a woman’s G spot during sexual intercourse, what happens next?

Well, if you have a yeast infection, the new place to get information is from a self help program called yeast infection no more. This outlines a comprehensive treatment strategy which is based on holistic medication, alternative therapies, and complementary medicine.

In the second illustration below, the woman has moved her pelvis – she’s moved it so that she gets a different physical sensation in her vagina and on her vulva as her man thrusts. In the third picture, she moves again, and continues as you can see in the following photos…

All these variations are about getting more pleasure by changing the angle of how the man’s cock enters her vagina: the angle of the penis in the vagina varies considerably from couple to couple, as well as from sexual position to sexual position….not all men have the same shaped penis!

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

New sexual positions New sexual positions New sexual positions New sexual positions New sexual positions New sexual positions New sexual positions 

But what do you need to know in practice? Something that can bring even the new sex position to a grinding halt, or an explosive climax, depending on how you look at it is the deep penetration achievable in the lovemaking position depicted in the last picture above.

It’s one of the new man on top sex positions, and well worth a bit of experimentation to keep your sex life passionate and exciting, even if it’s not something you’d necessarily wish to try every day. Such deep penetration combined with the powerful pelvic thrusts which are new for giving him pleasure (and which are especially arousing during man on top sex), tends to make a man come really quickly – at least as far as his partner’s concerned!

So this can be the new sex position in which to end intercourse – provided the woman is flexible enough and willing enough to expose herself in this vulnerable way. It’s a position which is perhaps better suited to a long term relationship rather than a new one where the partners are still learning about each other’s likes and dislikes, their vulnerabilities and sensitive spots, and which positions make their hearts and genitals sing during the act of love.

And here’s something else useful to know: not all women are going to think the new sexual techniques are the ones where they end up with their legs around their ears just because it gives their man a thrill to see them so exposed!

Sex is supposed to be a complementary and equal experience, and encouraging one partner to do something unwillingly just because it gives you a thrill is not the new way to establish a trusting relationship.

On the other hand, women are often very willing to try new sex positions either because they enjoy the physical pleasure this gives them or because they enjoy seeing their partner getting such pleasure.

On the left below is something many a man will recognize as a source of great pleasure – the new sex position for giving him a view of his cock sliding in and out of his partner as they make love. And on the right is something many a woman who appreciates vigorous thrusting when she is aroused will enjoy – a sexual position in which she can really enjoy the full power and grace of her man’s masculine energy as they make love.

New sexual positions

There’s a photo below which is remarkable – showing a very sexual, very male dominant position. But the very new and deepest penetration is achievable when the woman presents herself open and vulnerable to her man’s attention as shown below.

However, it’s a mistake to think of the man on top position as a “Me Tarzan, You Jane” way of relating during sex. Women can be aroused to levels of sexual passion which easily matches – some would say exceeds – men’s, and the pleasure of giving herself in this naked and vulnerable way, full of desire and rampaging sexual energy, can be a turn on in itself.