Side By Side Positions

Side by side sexual positions

sex techniques - side by side sexWhat better position for two lovers in love?

This is the new sex position to show your lover how much you adore them, with slow romantic sex in a position that lends itself to all kinds of exciting variations.

You can take it slowly, holding each other closely, or you can lean back and stare into each other’s eyes; you can take it fast and furiously, with powerful sex in a position that still lets you look at each other; you can have the female partner lift her leg so you get a clear view of penetration; and you can turn around in this position so that the man’s chest les into the woman’s back, and you then have a combination of snuggling sex and rear entry sex!

The new way to get into the side by side sex position is to start in the missionary or man on top position and then roll over onto one side. That’s how the couple in the photo above moved into the side by side position.

So, rather than staying in the same position throughout a session of sex, why not start in the man on top position and then roll onto your sides?

This way you can look at each other, see his balls, and him entering her, and see her vulva and labia, breasts and buttocks.

This is the new sex position for close connection and physical intimacy with the excitement of a clear view of penetration. It can be very exciting and comes highly recommended for everyone – not just large people or pregnant couples!

Perhaps people don’t try this new sexual position because they think it’s complicated. And yet the fact is, it’s really easy! You start in the man on top position with the woman raising her legs towards her chest so that her knees are bent.

Ideally, her thighs should be round about the same place as the man’s waist. He then thrusts his cock deeply into her and holds it there as you roll over – decide which way you’re going beforehand, though!

You’d think the woman’s legs might be crushed, but actually this position is really comfortable if she as them high enough before you roll over. Then make any minor adjustments until you feel really comfortable together.

The first variation you can try is leaning back away from each other so you can get a good view of each other. You can clearly see penetration – very exciting!

But even more arousing is the variation where the woman lifts her leg and holds it there – now you can really see all the details of each other’s genitals; even better, you can see him withdrawing and entering her, his shaft covered in her vaginal juices, and you can play with her clitoris and labia and his balls. This is the new sexual position for slow, romantic lovemaking.

Another variation on the theme is to use this position for vigorous sex when you want to maintain a sense of connection or try some spiritual work during sex.

You can make love, pause, talk, relax, carry on, look at each other, send energy to each other, relax, and carry on again.

Ringing the changes like this makes sex much more interesting and ultimately makes your orgasms much more powerful. (The longer the build-up, the better the climax.)

In addition, of course, it’s great for the end of the day when you don’t feel very energetic but you’d still like to have some connection with your lover.

Even better, there’s little danger of the man slipping out in this position, even if he is a bit on the small side; and because the position puts less pressure on the penis, a man who’s a bit prone to coming too quickly may find that he can last a lot longer in side by side sex – especially if you slow down or stop during your lovemaking (without him withdrawing), and start again when he’s less excited.

Variations of the new sex position for side by side sex

 If you look at the photos, you can see that the couple making love have moved into the spoons position in the second photo, and the scissors position in the third photo.

Spooning is a romantic, relaxed position for sex, ideal for pre-sleep lovemaking. It’s of the new sexual techniques for bedtime because it works so well when you’re both tired, and yet it’s still exciting because of the sight and touch of the woman’s buttocks. However, the sensations produced may not be that intense.

As always, each change of angle and position will produce slightly different sensations and feelings. By experimenting you will be able to find the position that suits you new. Keep your sex fun and relaxed!

When the man has entered his partner, she can roll over on her back a little, and place one of her legs over her partner’s, so that she presents her vulva to both partner’s gaze.

There’s ample opportunity for the couple to stroke and caress each other, especially her stomach, though the man’s opportunity to thrust is rather limited.

The woman can stimulate the man’s balls, which he might like, and she can shift position slightly until she finds a position in which her G spot gets most stimulation.

The new sexual techniques for “spooning”

An alternative to facing each other for sex in this position is to move into the spooning position, where the man snuggles up to his partner’s back and places his penis between her buttocks as he enters her. You won’t get very deep into her, but it’s cuddly, warm and fun to try it.

This is the new sex position when you wake up in the morning and you both want to start a relaxed session of lovemaking. If she then bends forward from the waist, or he leans backwards, he’ll be able to penetrate her more deeply.

A woman’s viewpoint

I love using these new sexual techniques one after another during sex: it makes a sex session more exciting than when you just use man on top, doggy style or side by side one after another.

That’s not to say I don’t like the man on top position, of course – I love it: I love feeling my man on top of me, I love the contact and the reconnection as he pushes into me; and I love being able to caress him.

But having said that I do also like to vary the position a bit by moving my legs: either hugged round his waist, which really aroused him, or straightened out, or angled at the knees (which permits slightly deeper penetration) or very straight and held closely together which means more pressure on his penis and balls.

Even if we have to wriggle round to get into this position, the extra sensation is well worth it!

A man’s viewpoint

I think as a couple my partner and I were a little bit sexually unadventurous for some time after we got together, although we certainly enjoyed sex a great deal. Maybe that just means we were so satisfied that we didn’t need to seek out novelty and experiment with positions!

Anyhow, after years having sex mostly in the man on top position, we started to play with side by side sex, and we enjoyed some fantastic sessions of lovemaking!

Like most men, I’m a sucker for any position that allows me to look at my cock as I thrust into my partner – and she seems to like it as well, since she loves to reach down and feel the base of my shaft as it comes out of her, wet with her natural lube. This position certainly  lends itself to a whole variety of exciting positions!

The man can stroke his partner, or vice versa, and the couple can exchange loving words.

So for me the greatest advantage of side by side is the intimacy that you can get. There’s so much opportunity to kiss, caress and cuddle, with or without being locked together!

The thing about this position is that it gives such variety – important if you’re having sex several times a week – and it can be both intimate and fast and furious when you want powerful thrusting. It suits all our needs.

Another wonderful thing is the amount of bodily contact that’s possible: all of your front can be in contact with your partner’s front, and there’s plenty of chance for massaging each other, touching and caressing. Since it’s so intimate, you can make great use of this when the woman is pregnant.

We’ve all heard of the spoons position. It’s one of the new ways to make love when you’re enjoying side by side sex, where the man lies behind the woman but they both face the same way.

It’s also the new sex position for large people, because, when you’re lying on your side like this, you can rest your belly on the bed.

The same is true for a woman in the last stages of pregnancy. When the man tucks himself in behind her, he can enter her without too much trouble, though a certain amount of maneuvering may be needed to get the alignment right. You don’t have a great deal of opportunity to thrust, but it’s intimate and connected, and the man can fondle his partner’s breasts and stroke her belly – and either of them can play with her clitoris.

Side by side sex: the new sexual techniques mean longer sex, bigger orgasms and all-round pleasure

Face to face, side by side

This is truly a warm and loving sexual position. It conveys affection, love and friendship to each other – and especially from the man to the woman. Its biggest advantage is that neither partner’s weight is resting on the other and you can therefore enjoy greater freedom of movement and either gentle or vigorous pelvic thrusting, as the mood takes you, without restriction. 

The easiest way to get into it is to start in the man on top position and then roll into it, with the woman’s legs high up his thighs. Before you roll, have one of the woman’s legs over the man’s upper thigh, and one of her legs under his other thigh, so he lies between them.

Her legs must be fairly high, so that when you’ve rolled over, it feels a bit like she’s sitting in his lap. You may find it takes a little experimentation to get the new sex position exactly right, so that her legs are comfortable, but once you’re there, sex can continue for as long as you wish.

And let us not forget that this is a great position for controlling ejaculation, because the man’s penis gets so much less pressure. So for men who need to discover some powerful and effective techniques that will enable them to control premature ejaculation, this is all round pretty good.

Side by side sex can vary from full penetration to little penetration from the glans, giving a wide variety of sensations experienced in no other position.

The chief problem with this position, is that there is comparatively little penetration – though that may be delightful for the woman and take pressure off her partner’s penis, which can delay his orgasm. And because there’s much less pressure on the man’s penis, if you’re a man normally prone to coming too quickly, you can penetrate your partner and enjoy sex with her for much longer than you may be used to.

You can thrust as gently or as vigorously as you like, and when you lie still you can enjoy the feeling of sexual energy and connection that develops when you’re in this sex position – one which many people find to be the new sex position to reach orgasm. 

You may also find thrusting easier if you wrap your arm around your partner’s back so that as you thrust so you can pull her towards you; alternatively, she may wrap her legs around your buttocks so that she can pull you in towards her as you thrust. 

Once you’re in the position, if you keep your chests close together, you can kiss; if you move further apart, you can caress each other’s chests and belly, you both have access to her clitoris, and if the woman lifts her upper leg, you can both enjoy the sight of penetration and intercourse.

The side by side positions are not very good for men with retarded ejaculation who require some kind of therapy or treatment for anorgasmia or retarded ejaculation, since there is less pressure on the penis than in rear entry or man on top. (Obviously men with the opposite problem of quick climax can stop moving and rest when they get too excited and near ejaculation.

By relaxing with your partner until your arousal has decreased, you can control the speed with which you reach climax. Other positions which provide you with similar opportunities for control are woman on top and sitting. Sex in the man on top, rear entry and standing variations do not assist in ejaculation control!)

Here’s a picture which illustrates all this:

basic positions - side by side