Rear Entry Sex Positions – Standing or Kneeling

Rear entry sexual positions – kneeling or standing

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  Rear entry sexual techniques

Rear entry sex is the oldest form of sex known to man, which is probably why it’s so exciting and so fulfilling for all of us, men and women alike!

For men, there’s a deep-seated genetic urge to impregnate a woman from the rear, as he thrusts his erect cock deep into her body: it’s the new sex position for deep penetration, and this makes it a position in which the man has the ultimate thrilling, powerful sense of taking his woman.

For those who like the feeling of deep penetration, and for those who like the symbolism of deep penetration, this is therefore the sex position that provides the greatest excitement.

It’s not one of the lovemaking positions that people use most often, for various reasons: women can feel slightly objectified, men may come too quickly because it’s simply so exciting. But get over this, and you have an opportunity to explore the deepest parts of your sexuality, the essence of your masculinity and your femininity.

For a man the symbolism of plunging deep into his partner’s body while holding her close to him is unmistakable: it’s about possession, it’s about dominance, it’s about his desire to have her for his own in every way.

For a woman, the symbolism is rather different: it’s about being taken, it’s about submission, it’s about giving herself over completely to the man she trusts. This may be a new way of looking at sexual techniques for you – but these are the things that drive us all at some level.

Don’t forget that before our modern times, every act of penetration of a fertile woman who was not pregnant or breast feeding would very likely lead to a pregnancy. That’s the motivating force of men during sex, the genetic imperative: the desire to take a woman, to penetrate her, to produce the ultimate symbol of masculinity – a pregnant woman.

Like it or not, the implication of rear entry sex for men is dominance, ownership, and possession. That’s what motivates men to enjoy rear entry sex positions.

For women, the psychology is of being taken, being totally possessed, and in that possession expressing the feminine values of generation, acceptance and nurturing. No wonder the people who are driven by these imperatives find rear entry sex so exciting, so powerful, so compelling.

If rear entry is one of the new sexual techniques for you, or one you don’t use much, try it out. See how it changes your sense of your own masculinity or femininity.

Or is the power of rear entry sex the result of something quite different? Is it simply that this is the most exciting sex position we know?

Men get the opportunity for the deepest penetration and are stimulated by the sight of the woman’s buttocks as they thrust between them.

Women get the opportunity for being taken fully, for being filled by their lover’s erection, after receiving the ultimate vaginal stimulation, with penetration sometimes so deep that the man’s penis will bump against her cervix: and while this is conventionally reported as being uncomfortable, perhaps even painful, there’s another reality proposed by experts in the field.

For a highly aroused woman, cervical stimulation can produce a so-called blended orgasm, the most powerful form of orgasm in the female of the human species.

It’s an orgasm produced by stimulation of the clitoris, vagina and cervix: an orgasm that involves stimulation of the whole nervous system of the pelvic region, an orgasm that can take the woman to an altered state of consciousness; meanwhile, a man can enjoy an orgasm more powerful and satisfying than in any other sex position.

But make no mistake, sex in the rear entry position is about dominance and submission, about masculinity and femininity, about the powerful expression of fundamental aspects of both male and female sexuality.

So rear entry is one of the new sexual techniques for men and women who want to affirm their sexuality and their masculinity or femininity.

It’s a powerful position for women who need to overcome inhibitions about showing their body. It’s a powerful position for any couple who need to become less inhibited with each other.

In its simplest form, where the woman kneels or stands, perhaps bending over slightly, and the man penetrates her from behind, there’s ample opportunity for the man to reach around and stimulate the woman’s clitoris and breasts.

There’s ample opportunity for the woman to engage fully in the act of sexual intercourse, thrusting backwards and forwards in time with a man’s movements.

Indeed, if she moves and he remains still, then she can take full charge of the speed at which he reaches orgasm, and if either he or she is stimulating her clitoris at the same time, it’s entirely possible for the couple to enjoy simultaneous climax.

So which personality likes the rear entry sex position? We’d venture to suggest that uninhibited, extroverted, adventurous lovers find this most rewarding, people who’ve already established a lot of comfort with their sexuality, their masculinity and femininity, but who want to explore the possibilities of sex a little bit further.

It’s a good position to try after you’ve already started making love in one of the more conventional positions, perhaps woman on top or man on top.

If you have the stamina, move into the rear entry sex position to reach your climax, and let rip with as much energy and enthusiasm as you can.

It’s also great if you vocalize what you’re feeling, and if you’re both particularly uninhibited, use those four letter words – they can be a great stimulus as you screw. Yup, it’s that kind of sexual position: one which makes you want to say “F**k me, harder!” rather than “My darling, make love to me!”

And of course you don’t have to enjoy it every day; sex positions that are as exciting as this tend to be used many times to start with, and then once in a while might be enough, particularly if the woman has issues about her body or she feels inhibited in some way…. but don’t forget this is the new sex position for losing your inhibitions and for getting that much closer to each other (in every way!).

When all’s said and done, it may be easier to accept that this sex position is just too exciting for many men to hold back their ejaculation…..but there are always excellent ways to learn how to last longer in bed and you should take advantage of these if your control is limited.