Man On Top Sex Position With A Twist

The man on top sex position – with added male dominance!

If you don’t want to settle for the same feelings, the same experience, the same sensation, then try something that changes the energy between the man and the woman: positions that let you be more powerfully masculine and feminine.

Increase your turn-on factor so your orgasms are better and your pleasure is greater! Here are some ideas to do this.

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The main problem with sex in the man on top position is that sometimes it can be simply too exciting for a man to control his ejaculation.

Staying Power isn’t helped by this sex position, which offers ample opportunity for thrusting, deep penetration, and generally getting all the thrills that sex can offer.

I suppose you could say man on top is one of the new sexual techniques for a quick, deep, powerful orgasm for the man. But…..what of the woman’s pleasure?

While many men can hold off their ejaculation for long enough to give their partner at least a small amount of sexual pleasure, it has to be said that in this sex position a man’s chance of extending intercourse for long enough to make a woman orgasm is approximately – well, zero.

Deep pelvic thrusts and the very considerable excitement of penetrating his partner from above as he assumes the dominant position means a man is not likely to last for very long, no matter how skilled he is at making love.

Part of the reason for this is that the tension in his arms and legs speeds up his arrival at the point of ejaculation.

Of course there’s always the technique of pausing during lovemaking – i.e. stopping all movements – for long enough to let the man’s arousal drop so that he can continue making love without fear of ejaculating too soon. (Though it may be necessary to stimulate the woman’s clitoris during the pause so that her arousal remains high for when the couple resume making love.)

So that may make sex longer lasting, but what else can you do with man on top sex to make it more exciting?

Here’s the key to making this basic position more exciting: assert your masculinity and let your femininity emerge. Be active and passive, dominant and submissive.

Basically, if you’re the man, you take control and be masterful. If you’re the woman, relinquish control, be a receiving, passive partner. And if you don’t like that idea, try something new in this sex position – thrust hard and powerfully. Don’t let it become just another session of “good girl” sex.

This is the chance to explore the extent of your masculinity and femininity – to explore how the sexes can interact when the male and female in the relationship are fully polarized to opposite ends of the scale of human sexuality.

Indeed, we can also say that this is the new sex position for men to show how masculine they are, and women to show how feminine they are – and how powerful their female sexuality can be.

If you haven’t experienced this new sex position’s quality yet it might surprise you to find how rewarding it can be – how spiritually fulfilling, in fact – to meet your partner from the depths of your male or female sexuality.

This isn’t about denying women their sexual or personal rights, because the conventional view of what makes a man masculine and a woman feminine is a distortion of the reality of those qualities.

Think of the John Wayne image of a macho man – that’s about as far removed from real masculinity as you can get. Equally, the home-loving, demure woman, fluttering her eyelashes in a girly way and twirling hair around her fingers, is a ridiculous parody of true female sexuality.

So, what we’re dealing with here is issues of true male and female sexual power: the power of giving and receiving; penetration and acceptance; dominance and submission. Note that none of these qualities can exist without their opposite.

They are complementary, they are mutually supportive, and they make an incendiary combination that can spark the release of profound sexual energy in lovemaking.

And so man on top becomes the new sexual position for intense orgasms and passionate lovemaking. For the new ways to get a woman to orgasm during sex, try this!

And while it’s true that this interaction of the sexes comes from a spiritual place which can be accessed in various ways, for example by using the skills of Tantric sex, we all have to start somewhere, and there’s no better place to start than by finding new sexual techniques that allow you to show deeper aspects of yourself. Look at the pictures above….they show you how the man can accentuate his masculinity during sex. 

But it isn’t only sex which can connect a man with his masculinity – so can a number of other deep psychic processes. These include male initiation and rites of passage which are designed to move a man from adolescent emotional states into fully mature masculine ones.

But what do you need to do to make this happen? Is it really just about adopting a whole range of different sexual techniques, or is it more than that? How do you summon up the male and female energy that can make sex so powerful? Just by adopting a new sex position?

Well, a lot of this is in the mind, but you can go a long way towards getting greater depth in your sex life – both physical depth and spiritual/emotional depth – by going for deep penetration (which also happens to be the ultimate symbol of male dominance during sex). This is something that the sex position shown in the final picture above will offer you.

If you add the pleasure of powerful pelvic thrusts, you’re both likely to get much something like the ultimate sexual pleasure – provided that you’re both very aroused…if she’s not, and his penis is big enough to hit her cervix, she may find the experience painful rather than pleasurable.

On the other hand, when a woman is very aroused, stimulating her cervix can produce a blended orgasm, which is the most powerful form of orgasm a woman can have. 

But here’s something else that you might need to know: a woman may not be able to – or want to – relinquish her inhibitions sufficiently to place her legs high enough for her partner to see her vulva completely open. So this means you might have to work on increasing your sense of mutual trust and respect.

However, the fun of experimentation can provide the motivation to try something new – sexual techniques and sex techniques – when you make love.

And it’s always rewarding for both partners to see their lover enjoying themselves during sex: so keep in mind the possibilities of positions which allow the man to see his erect cock sliding in and out of his partner, shining with her love juice, and those which allow a woman to experience deep thrusting (and, for that matter, fast thrusting) during sex.

If even this does not make you come more quickly, try the effective solutions available from a remarkable, scientifically based retarded ejaculation treatment program which should cure any undue delay in ejaculation.

And here’s another thing: such intense stimulation may make it very challenging for you to last longer during sex easily. You may need to develop greater control of your ejaculation before you can enjoy these sexual techniques to the full. But then again, there is much sexual pleasure to be gained from practicing!

Finally, it’s a mistake to think of man on top sexual techniques as simply fulfilling a man’s sexual desires. There’s plenty of reason to believe that female sexual energy can be more powerful than male sexual energy when a woman is really aroused. Check out this idea here. Some philosophical systems suggest that female sexual energy is the ultimate source of all psychic energy in the universe: that it transfers to the man during intercourse…..and underpins the act of lovemaking.

But whatever you think of that idea, one thing’s for sure: man on top sexual techniques allows both men and women to express the full glory and grace of their sexuality.