Rear Entry Sex Positions – Lying

You want a very sexy experience with powerful orgasms, added excitement and a dash of intimacy thrown in, so these are the ideal positions for you:

Rear entry sex position – lying

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Rear entry sexual techniques – “doggy style” sex

So what is it that’s so exciting about rear entry sex? Why do men get so turned on thinking about it, and how many women are really excited about the prospect of being taken from behind?

The answer seems to be that men are programmed to find the sight of a woman’s ass cheeks arousing: especially when they are parted, ready for penetration. It’s biological thing, the position in which our ancient ancestors all mated, and which Mother Nature has programmed the male of the species to respond to with sexual interest.

This is borne out by the fact that more men report finding this position sexually attractive than any other; interestingly, though, when it comes to actually getting together with our partners, the sex position that is most commonly used by humans all over the world is the woman lying on her back with the man on top facing her — the so-called missionary position.

And that’s only to be expected, since we made the transition from walking on four legs to two legs – it’s a lot more convenient, and a lot more likely to reinforce the bond we have with our partners if we make love face-to-face in the man on top position than if we do it rear entry style.

None of that alters the fact, of course, that men still find the sexual stimulus of a woman’s buttocks very arousing! And it turns out that women also seem to get a real thrill from rear entry sex – at least, they do if they can overcome their inhibitions about being exposed in such a vulnerable way to their partner, have no hang ups about the “animalistic” nature of the position, and don’t feel like a sex object rather than a valued partner.

But there plenty of other things that make rear entry sex an exciting experience for many couples.

For one thing, this is the position where the man’s erection is most likely to hit his partner’s G spot, and when he can thrust for a long period of time while he stimulates her most sensitive internal areas, then she’s likely to have a rip-roaring, earthshaking, pulsating orgasm centered in her vagina.

That’s certainly something that most couples find incredibly exciting and powerful, and for the man, assuming he has a reasonable degree of self-control, and he’s able to contain his orgasm until his partner begins to tip over the edge, the sense of making love while he knows how to make a woman come and of her reaching her climax while he is still inside her, is one of the most exciting and amazing sexual experiences possible.

The sensation of her orgasm is more than likely to tip him over the edge into climax, so that the couple experience a simultaneous climax: which is one of the most powerful sexual experiences a couple can enjoy together.

If you’re a man who doesn’t quite have this degree of self-control, you can speed things along by reaching round and stimulating your partner’s clitoris, so that you help her on the way to orgasm, and thereby open up the possibility of still achieving simultaneous orgasm during lovemaking.

And let’s not forget that this position is one of the most primal and basic: it’s the one we’re hardwired to enjoy, because the sight of a woman’s buttocks is quite simply a sexual stimulus par excellence, possibly the most basic and primal sexual stimulus there is for the male of the human species.

This, taken together with the sight of your erection sliding in and out of your partner’s body, represents a powerful recipe for extreme sexual excitement, and a thrill that’s unmatched in any other position.

For men, who are visual creatures, the stimulation of such a sexually exciting picture is not to be underestimated!

There’s something so, well, raw and earthy about it, something that appeals to the most basic and fundamental level of a man’s masculinity. Perhaps the most accurate way of putting it, albeit somewhat lewdly, is to say that this is the position in which most men want to fuck a woman.

And unfortunately, that makes it the position in which men are most likely to come too quickly – desire is high, the urge to fuck is strong, and the need to ejaculate can be overpowering.

No wonder that it is a position in which men tend not to last long!

The great benefit of this apparent difficulty is that if they choose to, men can learn how to last longer in bed adopting a gradual and gentle approach to sex – making love until they are about to ejaculate, then pausing, then starting again…it takes self control, but it can be done.

Leave aside love, leave aside romance, leave aside sensuality; get down to the the simple urge to screw, and this is the position that comes up in men’s minds. And you know what? It’s not disrespectful to women. It’s not objectification of women.

It’s actually the healthy and natural expression of basic male sexuality, and as such it’s powerfully affirming for men when their partners are willing to take part in it.

And bear in mind also, that you can manifest anything you want in life using the law of attraction – I mean, getting what you want is not complicated- it just requires you to know what it is that you desire, and to have a rough idea of how you’re going to get it!

So, leaving aside the fact that the rear entry position affirms men’s sexual identity, are there any benefits in it for the woman?

Well, yes, we’ve already covered one of them: the fact that the man’s erection can stimulate the G spot — provided that the angle of his erection is such that it does indeed rub on her G spot (located on the upper front wall of the vagina – the one nearest her belly button – about 2 inches in).

It’s true there are some couples where the curvature of the man’s erection is such that it tends to rub on the other wall of the vagina when he thrusts, and not the front wall.

In these cases, to achieve the maximum sexual pleasure for the woman, the couple can adjust their position so that she gets the necessary stimulation to excite her. You can see some of the variations that are possible in the photographs above, and it’s well worth trying them out to establish which position gives you the maximum pleasure during intercourse.

But what else can rear entry sex do for a woman? The answer is that it can do pretty much the same for her that it can do for a man. That is to say, it can reaffirm her basic raw powerful female sexuality. Somewhere in every woman is sexual force which, when aroused, and of course when expressed, is actually more powerful than the male sexual force.

That’s a fact that’s long been recognized by the exponents of Tantric sexuality and other esoteric disciplines which focus on sexual energy as a route to spiritual enlightenment.

But it doesn’t matter whether you’re an adherent to these beliefs or not: all you have to do to see the truth of the statement is to spend enough time on foreplay, romance, and intimacy to ensure that the woman is highly aroused before offering her the chance to express her sexuality in the rear entry position.

Assuming that she’s uninhibited enough to enjoy the opportunity to express her most fundamental sexual nature, this position gives her the opportunity to be a thoroughly “bad girl”.

And the irony of that expression is that this is actually a position where she’s not being bad at all, this is the way she can express something that may fulfill her more powerfully than almost any other aspect of sex.

She can feel the rawness, the lewdness, the power of her sexuality arousing her man and turning him into a wanton satyr!

Forgetting inhibitions, forgetting convention, forgetting appearances, and allowing ourselves to surrender to such a fundamental aspect of our personality is empowering for both sexes.

For the woman, the opportunity to thrust backwards and forwards during sex is unmatched in any other position, but it’s really the psychological aspect of what’s going on here that’s so empowering.

This is the position more than any other where she feels her power to arouse, excite, and tantalize her lover.

By enacting her sexuality to the full, she can allow both him and her to spend time entirely in the realm of their senses, feeling their sexuality, enjoying the physical pleasure, and savoring the uninhibited expression of their sexual natures.

Of course one of the drawbacks of this position is that it’s so arousing!

Many men will come extremely quickly because they’re just so aroused and so excited, and that’s a real shame because it deprives them of the prolonged pleasure this position is capable of providing.

It’s a powerful argument for learning how to extend the time that you can last before you ejaculate, but even if it you can only manage a short period of time enjoying this position, it’s well worth pausing for a few minutes and then trying again so that potentially on the second round of sex you have the opportunity to enjoy it for longer.

Indeed, this position is one that allows a couple to really explore their sexuality.

Penetration is easier than in almost any other sexual position, whether the woman is bending forwards, kneeling or standing upright.

Such ease of penetration allows the man to really experience to the full, the masculine power of “taking” a woman – with her consent, of course – while it allows a woman to experience to the full the most profound expression of her capacity to “receive”, “accept”, or if you want to put it more bluntly, the reward of being “taken” by the man that she trusts.

But the ease of penetration also allows another thing: and that is for the couple to actually experiment easily with different positions.

Sometimes, for example in the man on top position, penetration can be slightly tricky, and the woman has to guide the man’s penis into her vagina with her hand. None of that here!

The man can open her up to his gaze, then to his manhood; he can penetrate her, enjoy her, relish her; he can hold her close to him; he can pull her hair or slap her buttocks (if that’s within the boundaries of a couple’s sex play).

In general therefore, this is the position which gives both members of the couple the opportunity to express to the full their dominance and submission in both symbolic and literal form.

One of the more interesting variations on rear entry sex is when the woman lies down with the man lying full-length on top of her.

It’s not necessarily so good for a man with a short penis, as penetration can be rather superficial, but for a man with a long penis who may have difficulty finding positions that both he and his partner can enjoy comfortably, this is well worth trying.

It’s easy to limit the depth of penetration and still enjoy powerful sensations during thrusting, and, if that’s what rocks your boat, to hold your partner down while – and here’s how the position feels – fucking her.

It’s not all one-sided, though. To be taken like this can be powerfully rewarding for many women. If the woman’s thighs are well lubricated, and the man adjusts his position appropriately, it can feel like the entire length of his penile shaft is thrusting into her vagina.

That’s true even if only the top part of his penis is actually inside her; in addition of course he has the stimulating sight of her buttocks to arouse him, and if he’s lying on top of her he can reach around and feel her breasts as well. Glorious!

What a position in which to lose yourself in the sensuality of sex!

But if you’re a man with a more modest member, and you want to try this lying down variation, you need to have her legs wide apart so that you can get as a deep penetration as possible.

This can be more enjoyable for both of you if the woman’s in the mood to take the passive role during sex; but since it’s not so easy to get to her clitoris in this position you might want to position a vibrator underneath her while you make love so that she has a chance of reaching orgasm and enjoying herself to the full (just as you enjoy expressing your lust to the full!).

So we’ve talked enthusiastically about the lusty expression of both male and female sexuality in this position, suggested this is the kind of sex which has a powerful effect on our own sense of femininity and masculinity, and expressed the view that rear entry sex provides great affirmation about who we are at the most fundamental level of our personality.

Let’s not overlook the fact that the position is physically very satisfying as well; it’s sensuous and it’s sensual. If you experiment with the different variations shown in the photographs above, you’re sure to find one which allows your woman’s vagina to completely encircle your erection.

Just a slight movement of her legs, or a slight change in the angle of her pelvis or abdomen, will produce different sensations in an almost endless series of variations of pleasure.

Indeed, there are plenty of men who claim that this is the only way in which they know how to make a woman come – after all, giving a woman an orgasm is not easy. We also mentioned above that some woman think this position is slightly animalistic, and perhaps even a little bit objectifying (in other words, it makes men see women as a sex object, rather than as a loved partner).

We respond to that by saying that there’s a place for sheer lustful sex in every relationship, as long as it’s interspersed with romance and intimacy.

But don’t get us wrong, this position can provide the opportunity for holding your partner close and whispering loving endearments into her ear as you make love – you can see that in some of the photographs above.

We’ve heard of some couples where a woman’s resistance to rear entry sex has been a point of friction between the the man and the woman. If that’s the case for you and your partner, we’d suggest you try it and see how it feels, but only when you’re highly aroused and open to the possibility of sexual exploration.

It’s a simple fact that people often find some sex positions and practices that they actually wouldn’t think of themselves as capable of trying when they’re not aroused to be very acceptable when they’re highly aroused.

But if a woman’s objection to rear entry sex is simply the fact that her body is in poor shape, and she prefers to keep it out of sight of her partner in some way (perhaps by keeping the lights off, or making love under the bed clothes in the man on top position) then we would encourage her to overcome her inhibitions and just try it.

Of course a woman’s self-doubt about the appearance of her buttocks or her belly can be a powerfully inhibiting force, but it’s also possible just to make a decision to throw these inhibitions to the wind and enjoy sex for what it is.

If she can allow herself to be overtaken by the spirit of sex, rather than by doubts about her body, then she can enjoy this position by thrusting in time with her man so that they develop a synchronous rhythm or she moves her pelvis back and forth so that her vagina slides along his erect shaft as he thrusts.

One of the more arousing aspects of this can be the slap of his balls against her vulva when a couple find the right rhythm.

And if you’re limited by age, or by a crick in your back, or by a pain in her knees when the woman’s kneeling, simply move to a different position: look at the photographs above, and find a variation which suits you and your partner so you both feel comfortable and sexy.

And the last point we’d like to make about rear entry sex is that this is the ideal position for a “quickie”. If you’re a man taking a woman from behind, it doesn’t even require much undressing if she’s wearing a skirt, so it’s something that you can enjoy in places where the thrill of possible exposure adds to the excitement of the whole thing.

That’s not to say we’re advocating the risk of being arrested for indecency; what we’re saying is that a certain amount of risk, perhaps having sex somewhere that’s not entirely private, can add another thrill to the whole experience.

Rear entry is one of the positions that can give a woman a sore vagina if she’s not adequately lubricated, so, on a practical level, it might be useful to have a bit of artificial lube handy.

We’ve noticed that often in this position a woman’s natural lubrication tends to be drawn out of her vagina more easily than in some others. While this is something to watch out for, it’s easily dealt with.

Finally, sharing such an intimate experience as this, whether it’s slow and considered or hard and fast, is a powerful way of establishing greater intimacy between a couple. After all, when you’ve shared an experience as open as this, what is there to be embarrassed about?