Rear Entry Positions

Rear Entry Sex Positions

Rear entry sex: the oldest and wildest game in town! It feels exciting to men because it’s fulfilling an old and primal instinct: to impregnate a woman from the rear, taking her from behind and sliding into her between her buttocks.

And it’s exciting to women because it feels primal, may produce a sense of being helplessly “taken”, and it can certainly give a great deal of G-spot pleasure!

Rear entry sex in which the man lies full-length along the top of his partner (this position is not illustrated here) is an affectionate and loving way for a couple to enjoy sex. They have their entire bodies in contact, and their heads are close together so they can kiss and whisper to each other – or indeed shout “Fuck me harder!” if that turns them on! 

Unfortunately it may not be the new sex position for a woman, nor indeed very sexually fulfilling, because she can’t move much – her man is lying on top of her, and she can’t therefore easily reach her clitoris (and nor can her man), but it can be fun trying.

Nonetheless, if the woman’s feeling like she wants to be passive, to take a slower more gentle role in lovemaking, and to be the recipient of her man’s affections, then this is a good way to do it. In fact, stimulating her clitoris as you make love is probably the new way to do it!

Now, it has to be said, some women don’t like the connotations of this lovemaking position – after all, this is the one called “doggy style!” How newial is that?

And some women think that making love facing away from their partner is not especially romantic, while others don’t like exposing their buttocks so dramatically, especially if they happen to have some cellulite (or they think they do!).

By contrast, a large proportion of women find the rather basic and primal nature of sex from behind very appealing. It’s horses for courses, so to speak, and you’ll probably only find out if this particular position is one of your new sexual techniques when you try it! 

The very basic, instinctive nature of rear entry sex allows both partners to express a raw, primal sensuality during sex which can be deeply fulfilling. It speaks to the deepest part of our nature – the part that recognizes the evolutionary imperative to reproduce at all costs, and indeed often at any cost.

Not only this, but a woman’s buttocks are an extremely powerful sexual signal for a man. Of course, this may make a man come rather quickly, so we recommend that he learns some ejaculation control techniques to make him a better lover.

Naturally enough, for men with a problem actually getting to the point of ejaculation during sex, in other words, those who have delayed ejaculation, this may be a helpful position if it actually speeds up their arrival at climax.

Physically, the great thing about the rear entry sex position is the depth of vaginal penetration that it offers.

Such deep penetration can be fulfilling to both partners, but it’s well worth remembering that some women have a shorter vagina than average and their cervix can therefore be hit by their man’s penis as he thrusts, especially if he is on the large side. This can be, shall we say, uncomfortable!

Some sex experts recommend rear entry sex for pregnant women, although this comes with a health warning to men – don’t thrust too deep and don’t thrust too hard!

If you’re a pregnant woman, and you want to try this, kneel on a bed with your head down, and support your belly and chest with pillows as your man enters you from behind.

In many variations of rear entry sex, like the one shown here, the man can reach around and stimulate his partner’s clitoris.

Of course, if she happens to be lying across the edge of a bed, or kneeling in any position that gives access to her clitoris, either one of them can reach down and give her a helping hand on the way to orgasm.

It has to be said that the kneeling rear entry position is the new and most comfortable of these rear entry sexual techniques for the majority of couples, and all the other variations of this sex position are just a fun way of introducing some novelty into making love.

For example, it is possible to adopt a kind of rear entry in a lying down sex position.

In this position it is possible for the man to caress and kiss his partner’s back, neck, shoulders and buttocks in foreplay, before he turns his attention to her vulva, to which he has excellent access.

While he enjoys the sight of her buttocks, she can enjoy the physicality of his embrace, and if she’s turned on by slapping or spanking (which is quite common, and no big deal for some women) he can indulge her in this way as well.

 The greatest advantage of sex like this may be obvious to you from the photographs above – you can both see the moment of penetration, and the movement of his penis afterwards, in great detail. This can be a real turn-on. 

The new sex position for rear entry, according to the Kama Sutra, is a standing position. The woman reaches down and touches the ground while her partner stands behind her, penetrates and thrusts.

The woman is pretty much immobile – if she tries any thrusts she’s likely to fall over! The man has to do the work by holding her around the hips and pulling her back and forwards along his penis. 

When you’ve fallen into a well, frankly, boring bedroom routine, the new thing about trying some of the more unusual sexual techniques (such as rear entry from behind while lying down) is that you can spice up your love life and rekindle the excitement that may have begun to fade.

But knowing the new sex positions for you and your partner is only half the story. Knowing the right sexual techniques is the other half.

For example, while most people know that friction is essential for good Kama sutra sex, not as many know that steady, prolonged pressure – especially on the G-spot – can sometimes be just as arousing. And if a man circles his penis inside a woman’s vagina, without thrusting in and out, he can produce a whole range of sensations which are powerfully arousing.