Adventurous Sex Positions

You want thrilling, novel, exciting sex with something different from the usual, so these are the new positions for you!

More Adventurous Sex Positions

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More adventurous sexual techniques

More adventurous sexual techniques

Why do we call these “more adventurous”? First, because they can provide a bit of excitement if your sex life is getting a bit boring – as happens to almost  everyone from time to time when you’ve been together for a while.

Second, because they require a bit more creativity, a bit more energy and a bit more – well, enthusiasm – than the easier positions we all enjoy as the mainstay of our sex lives, such as man on top.

And third, spicing up your sex life by trying something new is a great way to regain the thrill we all have at the start of a new romance. (Remember – those days when you were so excited that you ejaculated in no time at all, and you just had to have sex all over the house….?)

However – a word of warning….some of these sexual techniques do need a degree of flexibility, a certain level of fitness, and an uninhibited approach to sex. However, if you do try out these rather more challenging positions, you’ll find the thrill of different angles of penetration gives you a whole new level of excitement and sensation. they are definitely the new sexual techniques for more excitement and a whole new sexual thrill.

Also, perhaps regrettably, that very excitement may make you ejaculate prematurely.

Just think for a moment what controls how aroused and excited you feel during sex: what you can see when you make love, whether you can stroke the parts of your partner’s body that turn you on the most, perhaps adding kisses to mouth or breasts into the mix, how much you can see of her vulva and your penis as you penetrate her….and a whole lot more.

With different angles of penetration, the feel of sex that you get when you thrust and she responds can be very different; her vagina will be flexed differently, your erection will stroke different parts of her vulva and vagina, so you both get a different sensation with all these positions. And, as you watch yourself penetrating your partner – or being penetrated – you get an extra thrill. What’s more, the depth and pressure of his penis in her vagina will vary from position to position.

So you might never know what is going to turn you on until you try it: on the other hand, you might know exactly what you want and be able to pick out the new sexual techniques to rock your boat before you even start the foreplay.

Now – here’s another thing! Just imagine you’re an adventurous, exploratory person who wants constant stimulation and new experiences in all areas of life – a sensation seeker, in other words! Would a panoply of sexual techniques offer an exciting prospect? Yes? Then feast your eyes, your senses and your excitement on what you see on this page.

And, for the exhibitionist, the man or woman who likes to show off their body, the individual who likes their partner to see and relish the sexiest areas of their body, these positions are the new! New and different, they can make the man feel masculine, the woman feminine; they can make sexual sparks fly between the couple; they can produce great orgasms.

These positions offer the chance for an adventurous couple to seek out, enjoy and – most importantly – grow with new sexual experiences.

The woman can express her exhibitionist side, she can show herself to her man in the most explicit and uninhibited way, while he expresses his appreciation of her exposed sexual charms with his rampant masculinity. The uninhibited sexuality that allows her to enjoy sex to the full is new expressed with these adventurous positions.

And of course the type of position you choose influences your sexual experience in a major way. For example, in a sitting position, a man and woman will feel more equal, since the posture makes neither the man nor the woman dominant. They have limited opportunity for movement, at least by comparison with the more active positions like man on top. 

In the rear entry kneeling position, the man has the dominant position, taking the woman from behind, while she is a more passive recipient of his masculine force, even though she can respond with pelvic thrusts.

The comparative roles of the man on top and woman on top sexual techniques allow the man and woman, respectively, to assume a more dominant role. This is one of the new sexual techniques to explore masculinity and femininity during sex.

For a man who wants to feel masculine and powerful they are ideal; he can achieve deeper penetration in many of them, and having his partner arch her back so her vulva is clearly accessible can make sex easier.

This is helped if the man supports his partner’s pelvis, perhaps pulling her buttocks apart slightly to stretch and stimulate her anus. Mind you, while this may make the woman come more quickly, the excitement may also make her partner ejaculate prematurely!

If one of these sexual techniques allows a man to keep both hands free, he can support her with one hand while stimulating her clitoris with the other. And when a woman feels she wants to express her sexuality to the full, there is simply no way she can express it more fully than when she rides her man in the woman on top position.

She has complete freedom of movement, and she can control the speed and rhythm of sex in a way that makes a woman come most easily. She also controls how deeply her lover penetrates her, which makes sex even more exciting for her.