Man On Top Sex Positions- With Extra Passion!

Variations of the man on top sex position with extra passion!

You probably want sexual positions that combine lots of excitement with the chance to see and enjoy your partner’s body when it’s exposed and sexy as you make love. Yet at the same time you probably enjoy a position that offers safety and familiarity – a position that lets you feel secure and safe during sex.

The straightforward man on top position might be a bit too boring for you – and while constant novelty and excitement may not appeal, a dash of raunchy passion gives you the chance to try something new.

The great thing about man on top sex is that there are so many sexual techniques with the man on top, all of which offer their own pleasure. Have a look at what you can do to change man on top sex into something spicier:

One leg up on the man’s shoulder can be a very good compromise – it gives deep penetration and different sensations, yet it’s much more relaxing that raising both legs (which can be impossible to sustain for any length of time unless you have very strong thighs).

man on top sex positions

When the man raises himself on his arms, it takes the weight off his partner (though some women like feeling his weight, no-one appreciates being squashed during sex) and allows her to rise up to meet his thrusts.

It probably also gives him a feeling of sexual power and dominance, which many men enjoy, as it makes them feel more masculine.

She can enjoy her complete responsiveness to his male power. So, the man on top variations are the new sexual techniques for him to feel his male power. If what you need is an easy way to help a woman come during sex, then this might just be what you want!

man on top sex positions

This sexual position – see above – allows the deepest penetration of all, though it may not be especially comfortable for extended periods. It’s sexy and primal, and can turn even the most inhibited couple into a pair of sex fiends!

This one is a new sex position which takes the weight off the woman and allows the man to look at her body, caress her breasts, and appreciate the power of his sexuality, while she can appreciate more fully back against the man whom she is loving.

There is also space for a vibrator to be inserted between the couple so that her clitoris receives stimulation, as well as the opportunity for him to make really powerful thrusts, which may be exciting for them both.

His penetration is deeper the further she takes her legs back: a fact which emphasizes the flexibility of the man on top position. It gives the position almost infinite variability. That’s why we say it’s a source of “new sexual techniques”.

Trying out variations like this – see the picture above – allow a couple to experiment with all manner of angles and depths of penetration, which will enable them to find the positions which give them both the greatest sexual pleasure and orgasmic satisfaction.

man on top sex positions

When the woman puts one leg up and over his shoulder, they can enjoy deeper penetration without the discomfort and muscle strain she may experience when she puts both legs over his shoulders.

man on top sex positions

A sex position like this enables even more sex play since she can play with his nipples and torso.

All of this gives the man on top position the justifiable claim to be the new sex position for endless new variations. These are the variations which really add excitement to the man on top position – they provide deep penetration, sexy exposure of her vulva, and might well give her the feeling of being a sex goddess!

Some of these positions aren’t for the less flexible, it’s true, but some of them can be good variations for men who are built more heavily: it’s not a good idea for men who are large bodied to rest their entire weight on their partner during lovemaking!

One of the obvious benefits of these sexual techniques is that the man can rest his weight on his arms and knees and take it off his partner. Unfortunately taking the weight like this means he develops tension in his muscles, which may make him come too quickly.

While some women like being pinned down during lovemaking, they can still move their hips and enjoy making pelvic thrusts – so it might be worthwhile remembering that these female movements can add a great deal to the sexual experience for both partners.

Now what about that persistent problem of human sexuality – the fact that the penis doesn’t directly touch or stimulate the clitoris during intercourse, so the man mostly won’t make the woman orgasm during intercourse by thrusting alone. There are various ways to deal with this, each of which will suit different couples.

One of the sexual techniques is for a man to bring his partner to orgasm before he enters her and then to enjoy the delightful soft fullness of her flesh after she’s had her orgasm.

Another alternative is to get her to the brink of orgasm, just before she climaxes in fact, before he enters her and thrusts rapidly and powerfully, hopefully bringing both of them to orgasm at the same time.

This is very erotic and although it takes practice, it can be very rewarding.

Another approach: many women find that stimulation of the clitoris with the glans of the penis is extremely erotic and highly arousing — unfortunately, most men find that rubbing their glans along the soft warmth of their partner’s vulva and up onto her clitoris can be even more arousing than penetrating her and thrusting: needless to say, this does nothing for a man’s staying power!

And yet another way is to employ the so-called alignment or technique CAT. Although this new sex position has been much touted around the Internet in recent years, it’s quite hard to understand what the instructions mean in practical terms.

The basis of the method is for the man to bring the woman to orgasm by rocking on her body, after he penetrates her, instead of thrusting.

You’ll see a lot of instructions which refer to the base of the penis, which is baffling: the base of the penis goes nowhere near the clitoris whether the man is thrusting or rocking!

It is actually the man’s pubic region – around his pubic hair – that stimulates his partner’s clitoris as his body rocks on her.

To achieve this, once he’s entered her he has to shift his body upwards so it will press on her clitoral area. In this position, a gentle rocking motion can actually stimulate the clitoris sufficiently to bring the woman to orgasm.

Just in case you are having any sexual difficulties – there is plenty of advice about sexual problems here, with advice and suggestions for treatment. Learn more about great sex positions which can help you achieve orgasm.

And while we’re on the subject of female sensitive spots there’s always the G spot to consider. As far as we’re concerned there’s no doubt about the existence of this sensitive spot, just inside the vagina, on the upper wall, about one or two inches inside.

You can actually feel the spot with your finger when a woman is aroused: it takes the form of a smooth prominent bump, which feels very different before she’s become aroused.

It’s actually a good indication of when a woman is ready for penetration: if her G spot has taken not taken on the smooth, swollen, tumescence of arousal, then penetration can be both irritating and distracting for her, and it means her clitoris needs more attention. Stimulating a woman’s G spot for any length of time needs extra lubrication above and beyond her natural fluid.

Certainly, the G spot changes form when a woman’s ready to be penetrated, and she can get much greater pleasure from internal stimulation, whether with a finger or a penis.

Unfortunately for most men it’s also true that this is the point at which the woman’s increasing arousal begins to feed back to their own arousal, and causes them to reach climax quite quickly!

The way to deal with this is for her partner to stimulate her G spot with a finger – either all the way to orgasm, in which case he’ll probably need to stimulate her clitoris as well – or to a point just before she reaches her climax, at which point the man can penetrate and the couple can enjoy intercourse – perhaps with additional clitoral stimulation from a vibrator or a finger to keep her aroused. 

If you think of the G spot as being on the upper floor of the vagina when the woman lies on her back, you can see how the position you adopt for sex will be all-important: taking an angle of penetration so that the man’s erection hits the G spot will increase sexual pleasure for both partners. A good way of achieving this is for the woman to take her legs back and upwards so penetration is both deeper and more likely to stimulate her G spot.

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