Standing Sex Positions

Standing sexual positions – new for a “quickie”

Standing sex positions

A whole group of possibilities open up when you try standing sex, ranging from the quick, lustful sexual experience you can enjoy wherever and whenever the urge takes you, to a variation in the bedroom on the usual man on top or rear entry positions.

Standing up is the new sex position to give you a whole new perspective on sexual intercourse: standing sex may not be the most comfortable position you’ve ever encountered, nor the easiest to get into, but it certainly adds a whole new thrill! 

The unfortunate thing is that getting into these standing positions may require a certain amount of patience and rather more flexibility.

One of the biggest issues here is that if the man and the woman are not equal in height, then they may find penetration becomes rather difficult….he or she – depending on who is the tallest – may need to stand on something to increase height and position his penis at the entrance to her vagina.

You’ve got to wonder, is it worth all the trouble? Well, that’s all about you and what excites you the most – maybe this is the kind of experimentation you need to try just to find out what it feels like!

And what kind of personality would want to try standing sex? Who would think of vertical sex as one of the new sexual techniques?

Well, need we point out the obvious advantage of being able to have sex without much undressing? Just a quick lift of the woman’s clothes and a swift unzipping of the man’s pants and there you are, ready to rock and roll.

And, if you’re the kind of couple who like the added thrill that comes with sex in semi-public places, the added spice of perhaps being discovered in flagrante delicto, the excitement of the risk, well, standing sex provides a safe way of getting your kicks: in the park, the office, the stair-well, just out of sight of other people, wherever you can but maybe shouldn’t. 

And so most likely you’ve already figured out that making love in this new sexual position looks ideal for the risk-runners, the thrill-seekers, the sensation chasers… and women for whom man on top missionary position sex isn’t always enough, who just want that added edge to sex.

What of the rest of us? Well, why not try it, just to see how it fits for you?

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable ways to make love in the standing position is to have the woman facing the same way as the man so that he can enter her from below and behind. That gives you the added excitement of the rear entry aspect, and the man can enjoy the added sensation of the woman’s buttocks as he presses into his partner.

Although we’re not experts in this position, preferring more horizontal bedroom riding, we’d guess that penetration might be easier when the man’s penis stands up erect above the horizontal, rather than pointing downwards. Of course a helping hand can always point you in the right direction!

When you consider how different the angle of the vagina is for the entry of the man’s erect penis, you have to figure that standing sex is going to feel very different: that’s one of the new things about this sexual position.

Now, with all that praise about all the extra sensations you can get from the very different angles of penetration, are there any drawbacks? If you look at the very first picture above, there’s the main risk – that the guy who’s supporting his partner like that might find the strain just a bit too much, and he’s at risk of dropping her – which, unfortunately, means there’s a major risk of breaking his penis……not something you want to experience, believe me.

That said, it’s simply about fitting the position to the mood: if you’re after a quick session of fast sex, in a mood where you just have no choice but to give way to your urgent sexual desires, standing positions seem to fit the bill just right.

However, keep in mind that the physical demands, the possibility the man will come very quickly, the limited amount of sensuous touch you can share with your partner, and the low chances of the woman reaching orgasm can all make the experience a bit less than it might be unless you’re extremely hot for each other!