Side By Side Sex Position

If you want a very sexy experience with a slow build-up, a relaxing way of making love that allows real bonding with your partner, and – when the time comes – powerful orgasms, these are the new sexual techniques for you.

The side by side sex position (aka “the spoons”)

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This is a truly affectionate and caring sexual position. If it’s one of the sexual techniques for you and your partner, take it from us, it’s well worth exploring.

Side by side sex conveys the fact that you care about your partner, allows you to show how much you love them, and lets you declare your desire for intimacy as well as sexual gratification – without ever saying anything! It’s one of the new sexual techniques for love and romance!

There is no other lovemaking position which can be so intimate, and so useful for reconnecting with your lover – and that’s especially true for men, who may also find that this sex position allows them to exercise much greater control over the speed at which they reach orgasm. Yes, it really is the new sex position for orgasm control. Read on to find out why.

If you take your lovemaking more slowly, you and your partner can express your love by caressing, stroking, kissing, talking, and looking into each other’s eyes to really “see” each other – an advantage which few other sexual techniques have.

For example, the new sex position for mutual eye-gazing is man on top, but a man may be so carried away with his instinctual responses (thrusting hard and racing towards ejaculation) that he forgets his partner’s needs to some degree. Here, there is less pressure on his penis, so he doesn’t get to orgasm as fast, but she will almost certainly get just as much pleasure from him being inside her – it’s the perfect match!

A real advantage of side by side sexual techniques is that neither partner’s body weight is supported by the other person, which gives freedom of movement and the opportunity to reach down and around, letting you fondle the sensitive parts of your lover’s genitals.

Clearly this is the new sex position for heavy people. And that, as you may well have experienced yourself, makes it a great way to make love during pregnancy.

If the idea of side by side postures are sexual techniques for you, you’ll need to know how to enjoy them new. Once you’re in the side by side position, it’s possible to keep your chests facing each other but to vary the distance between your bodies, which allows you to experience full body contact, or no upper body contact, or anything in between: this makes kissing then relaxing apart again, for example, easy.

Side by side sex is a new stress-free position!

Don’t knock it because it seems boring. You don’t always need the hurly-burly rush of thrusting and pelvic rhythm to shake your worlds. Sometimes, less is more!

And, if you happen to be close together, then kissing is easy; if you separate your bodies, you can stroke breasts, chests and bellies; either the man or the woman can fondle her clitoris, while it’s possible for the woman to lift her upper leg so that both of you can enjoy different views (and feelings) of penetration.

That’s delicious! It’s the flexibility which makes this position a winner, and it also happens to be an ideal position for pleasuring a woman in bed, i.e. bringing her to orgasm, which you can read more about at if you wish.

So how would you change it for even more variation? In fact there are several ways in which you can add to this new sex position pleasure fest!

To start with, if aiming to “rock and roll” while you’re side by side, why not begin in the man on top sex position, which means all you have to do is to roll onto your sides. 

But decide which way you’re going to roll first, then as you go over, make sure that one of her legs is over his upper thigh, with her other leg under his lower thigh; and it’s essential that she has her legs high up, so that as he lies between them, she’s comfortable, and it feels as if she’s sitting in his lap.

You can see what mean in the second photograph above; the fourth and fifth photos also shows this sex position, but you can’t see her lower leg in the fourth one as it’s beneath her partner’s thigh.

As you can see from the other photos, it’s also possible to adapt the new side by side sexual techniques to something even better by having one of the woman’s legs stretched straight out. 

This can produce some very pleasant variations on the feelings you get; experiment and find out what feels new for you. Try out different variations and new positions until you’re both comfortable – and in particular until her legs are in the right place.

You may find it takes some time to get this exactly right, but you’ll also find that lovemaking can go on for as long as you want. And because the build-up tends to be much slower, your climax, when it arrives, can be much greater in intensity for both partners.

There’s much less force on the man’s erect penis, so a man who tends to ejaculate quickly can last a lot longer before he ejaculates during sex.

You may find that after you have entered your partner, you can go on thrusting gently – perhaps with small breaks – for much longer than normal. In addition, when you both lie still you’ll be able to experience a wonderful flow of sexual energy and an energetic connection that can be very profound when you’re connected in this wonderful new sex position.

Here’s another hint – it might be easier to enjoy lovemaking if the man positions his arm around his partner’s shoulders or back so that as he pushes into her when he thrusts he can also bring her body towards him; another possibility to make thrusting somewhat easier is for her to wrap her lower legs around his buttocks to provide leverage so she can hold him tightly as he pushes in.

This is a very good sexual position for those who are less able bodied. It’s also a great position for those who are faced with the everlasting problem of coming too soon – premature ejaculation.

To find out how to last longer in bed in this lovemaking position than any other, for the man’s penis gets much less stimulation while the woman still receives plenty of stimulation in her vagina, and her clitoris is also available for mutual play.

An alternative to facing each other is to lie with your faces in the same direction, i.e. have the man’s chest up against the woman’s back. The man can spoon her – cuddling up to her back with his penis sliding in between her buttocks as he penetrates her.

This is a good position for men with a long penis, since penetration is limited, and it’s also fun and exciting to see the entry of the penis into her vagina so clearly. you can use this in the morning when you wake up or in the evening before you go to sleep, and perhaps also to finish off a hectic session of lovemaking with a more relaxed finale.