Man On Top Sex Positions

The good old man on top sex position!

Something familiar, comfortable, secure…….with lots of bodily contact, the chance to kiss, and a classic sense of the man being slightly dominant, the woman slightly dominated or receptive.

Man on top sexual techniques feel secure, reassuring, and erotic; sex in this position still ranks as a favorite for almost all couples, whether they use it every time they make love or just keep coming back to it.

This is a wonderful way to enjoy each other, feeling your partner in intimate man on top sexual contact with you, sensing every move of their body, exchanging intimate words, and being able to gaze into the eyes of your partner as you enjoy sex.

man on top or missionary sex man on top or missionary sex man on top or missionary sex

Don’t mistake the missionary position for something boring: it may be the bread-and-butter of sex, but for most people the intensity of connection is profound, and almost all couples say it’s one of the new sexual techniques they know.

The sheer amount of skin contact, and the ability to gaze into your partner’s eyes as you make love, means this sexual position has everything going for it.

The woman can grab the man’s hips or buttocks and influence the speed of his thrusting, or if she prefers she can raise her legs and wrap them around him so that she has more of a say in how fast sex proceeds. She’s got the ability to speed up his arrival at orgasm by matching his rhythm with her own pelvic thrusts, or slow him down by wrapping her legs around him and holding him close to her.

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For the romantics amongst us, there are plenty of sexual techniques which come out of the variations of the basic man on top. This is because it’s perfect for a “melding” of souls during lovemaking — it’s the most spiritually engaging position of all sexual techniques.

Admittedly, for men who don’t have perfect control over the timing of their orgasm, the powerful deep thrusts they can make may speed up climax, but the power of the resulting orgasm is more than adequate compensation for most men.

Women, too, find this lovemaking position deeply satisfying when they’re not in the mood to be super-assertive and climbing on top! For a woman who wants to feel loved and secure, wrapped in her man’s arms, this is the perfect position for lovemaking.

And there are hundreds of variations which produce almost sexual techniques! You can see some of them on the other pages of this website, but here’s how they work:

1) to increase the amount of stimulation that her clitoris gets, she can leave one leg straight out on the bed and raise one knee.

This is actually much more comfortable than raising both knees as in the photograph above. His body will rub on her clitoris to some extent, so if you play around with the sexual position here, you may find that you can get yourselves into a posture where her clitoris receives enough stimulation during sex to keep her aroused, and perhaps even bring her to orgasm.

2) if she brings one leg even further up and rests her calf on his shoulder,  while her other leg is still bent at the knee with her foot on the bed, there’s a whole new twist on proceedings: he can slip his hand in between them, or she can use a vibrator, so that she gets enough clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. New sexual techniques like this can provide real passion for both the man and the woman.

3) naturally enough, the next step is to raise her legs even more so that her knees rest on her chest and both her calves are on his shoulders.

It is a strenuous position for sex, and you need to be flexible to enjoy it without getting cramp, but even if you can only hold it for a few minutes it’s exciting; it increases the amount of contact between his groin and her buttocks, which will be very exciting for him, and if she’s sensitive to the pleasure of anal or perineum stimulation, this can give her a thrill as well. A great new sex position!

4) the next step in the adventure is to put both her legs up: one leg on each of his shoulders, or both legs on one of his shoulders.

Naturally, this tightens her vagina and gives not only deep penetration and lots of sensation, but also plenty of tightness and warmth around his erect cock. But this is one of those new sex  positions which comes with a health warning — it’s only for the fit and flexible and it’s not easy to sustain it even if you manage to get into it in the first place!

And he’ll probably come quite quickly unless he really has great staying power, and his orgasm may not be as powerful as it would be if she had her legs on the bed.

5) you can see in the pictures above that the man can make love to his partner in the man on top sexual position with his legs either inside or outside hers.

As you’d expect, when he has his legs inside hers, with her legs apart, knees either flat on the bed or raised into the air,  her vagina is looser and slacker than it is when she brings her legs close together and he puts his legs outside of hers.

Although the latter sexual position can give two lovers much more pleasurable sensations simply because of the tightness and friction during sex, there are two significant disadvantages: one, he’s not likely to last very long because there’s simply too much delicious pressure on his penis in this position; two, deep penetration is not possible, although this does make it a really good position where the man is so hugely endowed that full penetration could be painful for his partner.

If this happens to make him come quickly, then control can be re-established by using some suitable delay spray. Stud 100 is a name that is fairly well known.

6) most men, and a fair proportion of women, absolutely adore deep penetration and this is the lovemaking position par excellence in which you can obtain that: it’s all about the angle of her pelvis. Try experimenting with a cushion or pillow under her butt, so that the angle of her pelvis and the height of her hips varies slightly as you make love.

The position that gives you the deepest penetration will depend on your personal anatomy (the angle and size of his penis and the shape and depth of her vagina), so a little bit of experimentation is always worthwhile!

Those things which can make lovemaking difficult include various infections of one kind or another.

These include common-or-garden sexually transmitted diseases, as well as yeast infections – which are not specifically transmitted sexually but may be if one partner is infectious – and physical ailments such as hiatal hernia, inguinal hernia, and other abdominal disorders such as diverticular disease.

The answer, as always, is to find some way of working around these problems if you have them. You might do something as simple as change position during lovemaking.

Bear in mind that the missionary position is the one used for sex by most couples, most of the time when they make love.

This is for a very good reason — it’s very enjoyable. It gives great pleasure both physically and emotionally to both the man and the woman, it’s endlessly variable with only slight adjustments to where the woman places her legs; it allows deep penetration and powerful thrusting by the man which can be profoundly satisfying for him; it allows the woman to see the extreme pleasure she is capable of giving to her partner as he reaches his climax inside her; and this can be profoundly satisfying for her.

Many women report feeling in awe of the power of their man’s orgasm, and a sense of wonderment that they have brought it about!

It’s certainly true that one of the disadvantages of the man on top sexual techniques is the lack of clitoral stimulation, although this can be overcome by using a vibrator, or by one of the couple reaching in between them as they make love, or by the lovers manipulating themselves into a position where his body pulls on the skin around her clitoris so that it gets some stimulation as he thrusts.

And it’s only fair to say that one of the other disadvantages of this position is that some men find the muscular tension required to thrust, the excitement of being in the man on top (aka male-dominant) sex position, and the sense that they are “taking” their partner, all promotes a degree of arousal which can enhance premature ejaculating.

And we mustn’t forget another advantage of these new positions: they allow kissing, mutual eye contact, and the man can caress his woman’s breasts; he can even kiss them if he raises himself on his arms and arches his back.

Another great advantage of the posture is that the couple can roll onto their sides if the powerful thrusting takes too much out of them, and rest for a while in the more leisurely side-by-side position!

You can see more variations of the man on top sex position on the following pages: