Woman on Top

Woman On Top Positions

Aha! Woman on top sex! Now, come on, admit it! The woman on top sex positions give you a thrill you just don’t get in any other sex position, right? And why might that be?

If you’re a man, could it be that the thought of a woman getting passionate, taking charge, and riding you for a change, no matter how masculine you feel, is a welcome relief?

And if you’re a woman, could it be that you like to play the dominant role from time to time?

There are, as you may well have discovered by now, many routes to sexual pleasure. But they’re not all physical. Even the new sexual techniques are more about what’s going on in your head than what’s going on in your genitals.

Of course, this isn’t to deny that woman on top sex is very, very enjoyable physically – in fact, it’s one of the new ways to enjoy sex.

But what about the emotional side of it? If you feel even a small amount of pleasure or relief that you don’t have to take the lead yet again when she climbs on top of you with that expectant look in her eyes, then you’re experiencing one of the new benefits of woman on top sex positions – role reversal! 

Some of the new sex positions are those with the woman on top. They give her the opportunity to tease her man in a very exciting way, taking him to the very edge of intercourse and letting him slip the head of his penis into her vaginal opening before moving away at the last minute.

Such teasing can be one of the new ways for a woman to enjoy sex, drive a man wild, arouse him to a fierce passion and increase his desire to penetrate her to almost unbearable levels.

And when the woman does let him enter her vagina, sex in this position lets her control the angle at which his penis enters her vagina so that she gets exactly the orientation that will hit her G-spot – and maybe even her clitoris. For her, it really can be the new sex position of all.

As you can see in the pictures below, it’s a very easy matter for the woman to change position during sex, for example by leaning forward or backwards, so that her body presses against her lover’s or so that she lies full length on him (not illustrated below) or even kneels up so she is sitting on him.

Having the woman lying on top of her man is a very comfortable position for both of the partners and it can feel very loving and emotionally intimate. What’s even better is that she can have her legs open or closed, which will adjust the tightness of her vagina and alter the sensations that they both enjoy.

 Naturally enough, this will also depend on where the man positions his legs, whether he puts his knees up or down, raises his pelvis, or places his hands under her buttocks to help her move as she rides his erect penis.

In one of the new sex positions, the one on the left of the bottom row above, the woman can give both herself and her man great pleasure if she squeezes her legs together and rotates her hips in a circular motion – indeed, sex in this position can send her man into ecstasy!

As she leans further back, especially if he has his legs together and flat on the bed, she will be able to slow down the pace of sex and also prevent him from making even the limited pelvic thrusts that he would otherwise be capable of when she was on top.

(Vigorous pelvic thrusts always accelerate a man’s journey towards orgasm, so if you want some help with stopping premature ejaculation, this may be the new sexual position to achieve that).

All of these lovemaking positions remove pressure from the man. He can relax, sit or lie back and enjoy sex, flexing the muscles of his pelvis, anus and penile area to speed up or slow himself down as he moves towards orgasm and ejaculation.

If his partner senses that he’s moving too quickly towards his climax, she can rest or remain still for a while to allow his arousal to drop.

So, in all these variations, the man is in a position to take a more relaxed approach to sex than he is when he’s making love in the man on top position. In woman on top sex, she leads and controls the pace, riding him as she chooses! 

The next new lovemaking position picture shows how sex can be made even better: because men are so aroused by what they see, in this case, their partner’s buttocks and vulva as she moves up and down his penile shaft, a man can get much added pleasure in this position!

However, she must be careful not to trap his penis between her body and his if his cock happens to slip out as she moves, since this can be extremely painful, especially if his penis is bent or crushed. 

Many of these woman on top sex positions were featured in the original Kama Sutra – and many of them were designed not just for having sex to enjoy an orgasm (after all, what could be better than the man on top or rear entry positions for that?) but for the pleasure of enjoying each other’s bodies in a purely sensual way.

For example, in the position that she has adopted here, the woman can try turning all the way round on her partner’s penis so she starts off facing him, turns until she faces away from him, and then continues until she again faces him – just for the sheer pleasure of the sexual play and the fun of experimenting with the new sexual techniques for mutual pleasure.

These two pictures show a sexual position somewhere between sitting sex and woman on top sex. Although the couple are shown here having sex in a sitting position without a chair, in practice most people would need a lot of back support to do this; using a chair is much easier!

The great advantage of these positions is that the man can help her move with his hands, supporting her under her buttocks and caressing her body and breasts as the couple make love.

The face to face variations of woman on top positions are more intimate and loving than the facing-away variations such as the ones below, so they are a great way of connecting emotionally and enjoying sex in a semi-sitting, woman on top posture.
When a couple don’t feel as if they need to observe every little nuance of sexual expression in their sexual partner’s face, rear entry sex in a sitting position but still with the woman on top, offers a relaxed and sensuous approach to sex. She can raise and lower herself as she chooses, while playing with her clitoris and bringing herself towards orgasm as slowly or as fast as she likes. The sight of her buttocks rising and falling as she moves is likely to be extremely pleasurable for her man! Mind you, that’s true in any lovemaking position in which he can see them rhythmically moving – such a sight may even be enough to make him come quickly!
 Facing away from each other in the woman on top position allows the woman to ring the changes yet again, always seeking the greatest sexual pleasure, though the idea is just the same as before – every alteration in angle, leaning forwards or backwards, produces different sensations for the couple and a greater or lower level of sexual arousal and physical pleasure.
Here’s a good example of how a woman can be “dominant” in many of the woman on top sexual techniques. She can control the timing of insertion, the depth to which he enters her, the pace of and rhythm of thrusting. Indeed, since she is doing most of the pelvic thrusting, she is supremely able to take charge of how quickly the couple reach their orgasms – at least, if her man has any reasonable degree of ejaculatory control.